Online Course Review

The Online Course Review Adoption Process provides review and evaluation of new online course materials, according to our one year adoption cycle. Materials are screened for content, organization, presentation, and quality.

All state approved materials are under contract for the length of the adoption cycle, ensuring availability of quality online courses. The Online Course Review adoption process is defined in IDAPA

One of the goals at the Idaho State Department of Education is to create equal access and opportunities for all Idaho students, no matter where they live or go to school. One way we can accomplish this as a state is to provide access to a wide variety of high-quality digital learning. My Idaho Courses allows students, parents, and educators to access digital courses offered by Idaho schools, colleges and universities, Idaho Digital Learning Academy and more, with the assurance that the courses are taught by Idaho-certified teachers and meet Idaho's high academic standards.


The term "Provider" refers to any public school district, public charter school, institution of higher education, education management organization, or consortium/partnership of the same offering online classes to students in Idaho.

Minimum Provider Qualifications:

  • The Provider must be accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC), a division of AdvancED, or by a body that is recognized by NWAC.
  • All teachers providing instruction to Idaho students must hold a valid Idaho teaching certificate in each content area being taught (Idaho Code §33-1627 (2)) and meet the definition of "Highly Qualified" in that subject area (No Child Left Behind Act of 2001).
  • The Provider must be nonsectarian in its course offerings and admission policies (Article IX, Sections 5 and 6, Idaho Constitution).
  • Each course offered for a unit of credit must correlate with applicable state-adopted academic standards prior to being offered. All courses must include assessments or another demonstration of mastery. All teachers are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that conforms to the expectations put forth by the Idaho Professional Standards Board (Idaho Code §33-513).
  • Administrators, teachers, and other educational staff employed by the Provider who interact with students must comply with fingerprinting and national criminal history record check (Idaho Code §33-130). The Idaho State Department of Education (SDE) encourages each Provider to apply for approval and offer a variety of elective courses in addition to those that encompass Idaho Content Standards in Mathematics and English Language Arts.

Types of Providers:

There are two (2) types of providers of online courses in Idaho. The first criterion is whether they have met the statutory requirements and are approved to operate in the state of Idaho (Idaho Code §33-1024).

Idaho Service Providers (ISP) - An ISP is an Idaho public school district, public charter school, institution of higher education, or consortium of the same that offers courses to students throughout Idaho. These providers are automatically approved to provide online courses to Idaho students.

To be recognized by SDE as an Idaho Service Provider, the school district, public charter school, consortium, or Idaho college/university needs to complete and submit an Idaho Service Provider application. Once the application and forms have been received by SDE the approval process is typically short. Notification will be sent to the Provider indicating the status and next steps. There are no fees for applying, delivering, and rating of Idaho Service Provider courses. However, all course payments or reimbursements will be to the discretion of both the student's home school district and the Provider school district. Further details are provided in the Payment section.

In circumstances where a third party provider has a contract with the governing board of an Idaho approved, fully accredited, diploma granting, online charter school, courses may be offered statewide through said public charter school, with Idaho Service Provider status, if the following conditions are met:

  • The school board of the school has determined that the course offered is a valuable and necessary addition to the charter and its students,
  • The course is offered to the students within the charter school, and
  • Students from said charter school are currently enrolled in the course.

Outside Service Providers (OSP) - OSPs are education management organizations or private purveyors of education that meet statutory requirements to offer courses to students throughout Idaho. Outside Service Providers are not Idaho public education agencies.

  • The Outside Service Provider must complete the appropriate application and submit courses to be reviewed by the State Department of Education.
  • Outside Service Provider applications will be processed on a first come, first served basis.
  • The Outside Service Provider and approved courses will be listed at

Applicants must meet each quality requirement listed below in order to participate in the approval review process. If any quality requirement is not met, it will prevent an application from being reviewed. Discovery of a Provider's failure to adhere to the following qualifications can be basis for revocation of approval and relinquishment of application payment. The assurance of quality adherence is reflected in the application.

Federal and State Laws, Rules and Regulations

Applicants must meet each quality requirement listed below in order to participate in the approval review process. If any quality requirement is not met, it will prevent an application from being reviewed. Discovery of a Provider's failure to adhere to the following qualifications can be basis for revocation of approval and relinquishment of application payment. The assurance of quality adherence is reflected in the application.

Idaho State Certified Teachers

All instruction delivered to students in Idaho must be delivered by teachers who hold Idaho education credentials. Teachers who instruct online courses must meet the "Highly Qualified" definition under the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 in both qualification and instruction practices. The applicant acknowledges that Idaho approval covers only courses delivered to Idaho students and delivered by Idaho certified teachers. Teacher credential information must be included in Form A of the application.

Standards Alignment

For Outside Service Providers, the Online Course Review Teams determine the final correlation of all courses to the Idaho Content Standards (ICS) and Idaho Content ELA/Literacy Standards. Courses will be reviewed by the team members according to content knowledge and skills associated with the Idaho Content Standards (ICS), and the Idaho Content ELA/Literacy Standards. This is only applicable with content areas with standards. Outside Service Provider applicants must include information about the degree of alignment (must be at least 80% for approval), who conducted the alignments (name/title and/or service provider), the standard(s) aligned, and the dates of alignments. All courses must be mapped and labeled with the appropriate Approved Idaho Course Code. For further course descriptions and teacher qualifications, please see the Assignment Credential Manual . All mathematics courses must align to the Idaho Content Standards for Mathematics.

Career & technical courses are intended to be offered as a part of a program of study. Programs of study are an aligned sequence of secondary to postsecondary academic and technical education coursework intended to prepare students for a career by attaining a postsecondary credential or industry certificate. The content of professional-technical courses regularly changes and evolves to meet current industry requirements. Therefore, it is necessary for providers of professional-technical online courses to coordinate content development with the Idaho Division of Professional Technical Education. Potential online course providers should contact Kristi Enger, CTE Coordinator, at with any questions regarding CTE content alignment.

Please include location reference(s) for each standard found within each submitted course. This may include: unit number, section location, paths, or other means to clearly identify the location of standards within a course. The alignment reviewer's evaluation form may be used for reference.

Advanced Placement

All of the applicant's Advanced Placement (AP) courses have been approved via the College Board AP Course Audit. For AP courses not yet offered at the time of application, the applicant agrees that those courses will be approved by the College Board prior to the applicant offering the course to students.

Providers will be required to list the names of courses approved in the College Board audit. (Please include date of audit for each course Form B of the application).

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

The applicant's data management systems must ensure all student information remains confidential, as required by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).


The applicant's web systems will conform and adhere to Section 508 of the American's with Disabilities Act, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, as well as any applicable state and local laws and regulations. All presented information must also comply with the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights "Dear Colleague" letter dated June 29, 2011. The Provider will not be responsible for creating a student's Individual Education Program (IEP) or 504 Plan. The provider will be responsible for the implementation of the IEP or 504 Plan and ensuring proper compliance with all applicable sections of the IEP or 504 Plan. The student's instructional goals, accommodations, and modifications, as defined in the IEP or 504 Plan, will be followed in the online environment and the online teacher will provide academic information as part of the student's IEP or 504 team.


The applicant is accountable for the quality of the courses and content it offers, irrespective of any third-party contractual arrangements, partnerships or consortia contributing to the content or delivery of the online courses.


All courses must have an end-of-course assessment and other demonstrations of mastery. This may include, but not be limited to: multiple choice tests, open-ended question tests, or performance tasks (i.e. papers, portfolios, speech etc.). All assessments must enable accessibility for special education and Limited English Proficient /English Language Development populations (i.e. Braille, large print, alternative format, audio capabilities etc.). Alternative formats must not compromise or impact the construct being measured.


The applicant agrees to provide all information as requested by the Idaho State Department or Department designees, in keeping with state and federal laws, for the purpose of audits, evaluation compliance, monitoring, and other purposes.

Course Changes

The applicant agrees to inform, in writing, the Idaho State Department of Education of any significant changes to its courses. The applicant also agrees that significant changes to the content or method of delivery may initiate a full course review. Significant changes include, but are not limited to: Content, Syllabus, Learning Objectives, Course Outline, Course Instructor Changes, Delivery Methodology, Curricular Materials, etc.

Course Content

The applicant acknowledges and understands that any course content provided or offered by the applicant through the Digital Learning Portal shall not in whole or in part, infringe upon an enforceable patent, copyright, trade secret, trademark or other proprietary right of any third party. By submitting an application, the applicant affirms that it knows of no action or proceeding of any kind pending, or to its knowledge, threatened against, by or affecting the course content at issue, which if decided, is adverse to the applicant, and could adversely affect the applicant?s ability to provide or offer the courses described in this application.


Approved Outside Service Providers (OSP) must be able to report student progress as needed to districts. This includes current grades and any other relevant information that may prohibit a student from participating in school activities (i.e. "No Pass. No Play"). Providing parent access to the Learning Management System (LMS) grade reporting functionality fulfills this requirement.

The Provider must notify the home district if any student is at risk of failing an online course no less than three (3) weeks before the end of the term. This allows for the student's parents to be notified and for the student to rectify the situation, or make alternative arrangements.

End-of-year reporting is managed by Idaho State Department of Education. For all Outside Service Providers the end-of-year report is due the last weekday of June. The report must include:

List by Course:

  • Instructor name
  • Instructor EDU ID
  • Students enrolled
  • Student ID
  • Student Grade
  • Districts Served

List by District:

  • Instructor name
  • Instructor EDU ID
  • Students enrolled
  • Student ID
  • Student Grade
  • Districts Served


All course payments or reimbursements will be at the discretion between the student's home school district and the Provider school district. If a student course request is an overload course, the student's home school district can make the determination to pay for the course or have the parent/guardian of the student pay for the course.

The Idaho State Department of Education (SDE) may revoke Provider status or the ability for a Provider to offer a course if:

  1. It is determined the Provider has failed to comply with the terms and conditions of the approved application
  2. It is determined that the Provider is no longer able to carry out the courses described in the approval application
  3. Conditions exist that jeopardize the academic integrity of the Provider
  4. Health and safety of students or staff is compromised

If the deficiencies are not corrected within the timeline specified in the written report, the SDE may recommend that Provider approval be revoked or the individual online course be removed from the state-approved listing of online courses.

Providers will be notified if there is substantial evidence that they are not meeting one or more of the approval conditions and that revocation is being considered. The notice will include the specific areas of concern, and the Provider will have to submit a corrective action plan with a timeline to address the specific areas of concern. If the Provider does not respond to the revocation notice, revocation will take place 30 days after mailing.

If an action plan is received, SDE staff will review the corrective action plan and make a determination on whether it: suitably addresses the specific areas of concern, requires additional actions, or is largely incomplete and the approval should be immediately revoked. The Provider will have the opportunity to clarify and adjust the plan before this decision is made.

Approval revocation is serious and may have a substantial impact on students, districts and Providers. As such, approvals will only be revoked if the Provider is unwilling to take the necessary corrective actions to bring the course(s) in compliance with the approval criteria/assurances.

If SDE determines that a Provider or course approval must be revoked, the implementation of the revocation will be timed to prevent as much unnecessary disruption to the education of the students as possible. In all possible cases, existing enrollments, including second semesters of year-long courses, received by the Provider on or before the date of revocation would not be affected by the revocation. However, SDE reserves the right to immediately revoke approval and discontinue courses of any Provider where conditions exist that jeopardize academic integrity or compromise the health and safety of students or staff.

Idaho Service Provider Application

Idaho Service Provider Applications will be accepted by the State Department of Education at any time. Please allow approximately two weeks (or ten work days) for courses to be visible on the site from when the electronic application is received. Approval, review, and rating of curriculum is not required as quality is the responsibility of the originating district's school board or local education agency (LEA).

Outside Service Provider

The application will contain two parts: an application for provider status and information which will be used by Idaho State Department of Education (SDE) in the course approval process.

Provider Approval 
Outside Service Provider applicants must complete and submit the OSP Application Form for approval, while Idaho Service Provider must complete an ISP Request. Provider approval is based upon Idaho Code.

Course Approval 
Course approval is based upon the process outlined in the Idaho State Board of Education Rule.

Course Review Fees
There is NOT a course review fee for an Idaho Service Provider. Outside Service Providers will be charged a review fee for each course submitted. Review fees are not refundable.


For Idaho Service Providers, please allow approximately two weeks (or ten work days) for courses to be visible on the site from when the electronic application is received. Applications for an Idaho Service Provider can be sent in at any time and will be processed as soon as possible to be listed on the site. Details for this process are outlined in the Online Course Review Call for Submission Letter. All applications must be accompanied by the Course Instructor List (Form B), Course List (Form C), and Evaluation Form (Form D).

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