Teachscape FOCUS Proficiency in Assessment Training Now Available

The Idaho State Department of Education (SDE) is providing several state-sponsored professional development opportunities to support educators in implementing the rigorous teacher and principal evaluation requirements recently adopted into Idaho Administrative Rule. Administrative Rule (IDAPA and now specifically state that all certificated administrators shall be required to demonstrate proof of proficiency in evaluative observations by passing a proficiency assessment (approved by the SDE) as a certification/recertification requirement prior to September 1, 2018.

To this end, the SDE is providing every building administrator currently responsible for teacher evaluation the opportunity to certify as an approved rater through the online Teachscape FOCUS Program. This self-paced online training provides video, instruction, practice tests using calibration videos, and a final assessment that can be done according to your schedule, and will result in proof of proficiency in evaluation through observation. To register for the online FOCUS proficiency assessment,
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In addition to the FOCUS program, the state will offer face-to-face regional trainings to support administrators and help district teams refine their evaluation system. Three regional face-to-face trainings will be provided at no charge. (Districts will, however, be responsible for covering the cost of travel and hotel. Title IIA funds can be used for this expense.) These trainings will support and supplement the content of the FOCUS program and assist districts in designing evaluation programs that meet the new administrative rule as well as the state’s ESEA Waiver requirements. These training opportunities are mentioned below.

1. Cohort III Danielson Framework Training
6-day regional training to support FOCUS and deepen evaluation skills. Ideal for administrators.

Certified Danielson Trainers, Joanie Peterson and Kathleen Hanson will provide administrators additional, more in-depth understanding of evaluation of instructional staff. Teacher leaders are also welcome to participate. This training will focus on evaluation and evaluative discussions. Participants in this training will be referred to as Cohort III.

Priority for face-to-face training spots will be given to districts that send teams and we encourage districts to send as many administrators as possible. Regional participation is limited to 100 participants. This training will strengthen district teams, creating a cohesive understanding and expectation for instructional leaders and provide teams opportunities to define and clarify expectations for instructional staff and their evaluators.

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2. Idaho Mentor Network Program
4-day regional trainings to support FOCUS and deepen evaluation and mentoring skills. Ideal for teacher leaders and instructional coaches.

This training is offered in combination with the Cohort III Danielson Framework Training. The purpose of this training is to support district teams, including mentor teachers, cooperating teachers, instructional coaches and/or peer evaluators in district teams. Trainings for administrators (Cohort III) vs. teacher leaders (Mentor Training) are on different days, but the overlap in information will inevitably strengthen your districts approach to a cohesive evaluation and growth model.

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3. Learning Focused Supervision
2-day regional training for those who have already taken the 6-day training and/or Danielson Framework for Teaching Proficiency trainings during the 2011-2012 or 2012-2013 school years.

The Learning-Focused Supervision provides training in the use of the Framework for Teaching by continuing to support the shift from teaching-focused to learning-focused supervisory practices. This learning session will offer practical tools, technical tips and standards-driven protocols for promoting professional excellence.

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For more information about these and other educator evaluation training opportunities, please contact proficiency@sde.idaho.gov.