Accounting for People

Each district should describe how it would account for students, employees, visitors and vendors to assure their safety during an evacuation. Employees meeting with visitors and vendors should be responsible for assuring that the visitors and vendors exit the building.

Designated school personnel arriving at the outside meeting area should be responsible for taking a headcount that includes all personnel and visitors. This person should notify emergency personnel of any individual(s) remaining in the building, on a stairwell landing or any other location. Personnel lists should be readily available for this task.

Safe meeting areas outside the building should be located at a minimum of 200 yards from the facility. Stay clear of emergency personnel and equipment as much as possible. Keep in mind that emergency vehicles do not necessarily follow pre-determined routes when responding to an alarm. Every school or facility should have a secondary meeting place in case the primary meeting place is inaccessible. Public safety officials may provide additional instructions when an actual event occurs and wind direction is a factor. In extreme circumstances it may be necessary for districts to establish a phone number employees can use to report their whereabouts and condition.

If possible, consideration should be given to sites where evacuees could, if necessary, take shelter indoors at a business, public facility, church, etc. Schools within a complex should designate meeting areas that allow evacuees to quickly move away from the entire complex. Districts are solely responsible for making pre-event arrangements with designated site owners if evacuees are planning to occupy another facility.

Employees should be educated to call or contact their supervisors in situations where an evacuation occurs and they cannot report to the meeting place, or if they are out of the office when the evacuation takes place.

Districts are allowed to ask employees/students if they will require assistance because of a disability or medical condition. Facts about obtaining and using employee medical information as part of emergency evacuation procedures can be obtained from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's

Districts may also, consider enlisting the help of colleagues who may volunteer to act as a "buddy" to an individual with a disability who might need assistance.

Sample Evacuation Log

PDF Icon School Evacuation Status Log