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In August, the Idaho State Board of Education proposed Idaho Content Standards for High School Mathematics. These standards were proposed to meet the increased math requirements for graduating seniors in 2013.

The Curricular Materials adoption cycle for mathematics begins in 2008 and math standards must be approved by the State Legislature before that cycle begins. The next adoption cycle for mathematics will not be until 2014.

Following is a timeline for approving these proposed standards.

  • July 2007:  Committee members contacted about standards development.
  • August 15, 16, 17:  Development of High School Mathematics Content Standards.
  • August 22:  Review Committee convened to comment on Standards.
  • August 23:  Content Standards proposed by the State Board of Education.
  • August-October:  Gather public comment on proposed Content Standards.
  • October:  Committee meets to review pubic comments and revise standards.
  • November:  Proposed High School Mathematics Content Standards presented to the State Board of Education.
  • January:  High School Mathematics Content Standards debated by State Legislature.
  • Summer 2008:  Curricular materials adoption process for Mathematics.
  • Fall 2008:  High School Mathematics Content Standards implemented.

Please review the proposed content standards and make comment in the designated area. 
If you have questions or comments regarding this information please contact:

Cindy Johnstone
Mathematics Coordinator


2007 Superintendents' Meeting