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The Idaho Department of Education is the state agency that supports and strengthens K-12 education in Idaho. By advocating for Idaho’s families, educators, and schools with funding and educational policy alignment, we support and lead academic achievement to ensure every student is prepared with the skills and job readiness to succeed.

The department's Organizational Chart is a graphical representation of how we are divided into departments within our organization. While each group has their specific responsibilities and obligations, we all work together and are committed to helping students achieve academic success.

Idaho Public Schools Facts

  • 116 Districts
  • 74 Charters
  • 736 Schools
  • 32,000+ Certificated Teachers
  • 7,000+ Teachers with a master's or more
  • 313,000+ K-12 Students
  • 72,000 CTE Students

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Our mission to support Idaho students, educators, and school leaders with the tools and resources needed to achieve academic excellence through strategic thought leadership and policy alignment.