Idaho Building Capacity (IBC)

The Idaho Building Capacity (IBC) project provides onsite technical assistance designed to assist schools and districts in building their own internal capacity to sustain school improvement efforts.

Capacity Builders

A key component of the IBC project is the utilization of Capacity Builders (CBs). Capacity Builders are distinguished educators that are trained to facilitate the work of school improvement. Each selected school and the district in which it is located will receive the services of a Capacity Builder. During Year 1 of participation, a Capacity Builder will work in a school district for up to 8 hours a week with decreasing support over three years.

Capacity Builders work with school and district leaders to develop a plan of how the CB will be utilized to support the work of school improvement at each assigned site. This is not a one size fits all approach to school improvement, but rather an approach focused on the individual needs and challenges of the sites being served. In addition to CB services, participating schools will be provided with professional development opportunities, resources, and self-evaluation tools. Generally, when a school site participates in the IBC project, one Capacity Builder is assigned to the district office, and one to each of the school sites.

The district submits one Capacity Builder Application that includes information about the district and each school that wishes to participate. As part of the application process, schools/districts may be asked to participate in an onsite visit with a Regional School Improvement Coordinator in order to determine readiness to benefit. Title I schools/districts that receive Priority and Focus ratings will be given priority in the selection process.

The Idaho Building Capacity (IBC) Project is designed and delivered in partnership with Boise State University, Idaho State University, and the University of Idaho. For further information, contact the Regional School Improvement Coordinators.

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