Idaho Principals Network (IPN)

IPN is a project developed by the SDE to support administration to improve learning outcomes for all students by focusing on the quality of instruction. IPN is a professional learning community focused on increasing the effectiveness to the Instructional Core.

Strands of Study

Principals participate in a balance of content, professional conversation, and collegial instructional rounds related to instructional leadership, managing change, and improving the overall effectiveness of the Instructional Core.

Strands of study include activities such as:

  • Evaluating Leadership Frameworks and Turnaround Leadership Competencies.
  • Supporting Instructional Rounds and Classroom Observations.
  • Implementing personal professional growth plans based on self-evaluations.
  • Networking with collegial conversation, collaboration and relationship building.

The Idaho Principals Network serves as a resource for principals who are in schools that are in improvement in order to support and build their capacity in specific aspects of leadership. IPN provides training unique to the principal regarding higher level perspectives on leadership.

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