Idaho English Language Assessment (IELA)

The Idaho Language Proficiency Assessment (IELA) is a federally mandated assessment for all students served in a Limited English Proficiency (LEP) program. The IELA is administered annually every spring and calculates growth and proficiency in the English language for each student assessed. All districts that serve LEP students are held accountable to these growth and proficiency measures on the IELA for their LEP students. Accountability is determined through Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAOs), which each district must meet.

Please note that the IELA and the ISAT are two different tests that measure different abilities. The ISAT measures content knowledge and skills, while the IELA measures a student's English language ability.

These pages will assist in understanding more about the IELA and assessing LEP students in general. If you have any questions please contact the Idaho State Board of Education IELA Program Manager.

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With the adoption of the WIDA English Language Proficiency Standards, also comes the transition to a new assessment. To make this transition as smooth as possible, Idaho has joined the Assessment Services Supporting ELs through Technology Systems (ASSETS) Consortium. ASSETS is a 33-state consortium; the work of the consortium focuses on creating the next generation of English Language Proficiency tests, building on the work of the WIDA Consortium. This work is supported through a federal Enhanced Assessment Grant (EAG) with plans for full operationalization of the new assessment system in 2015-16. The ASSETS assessment system is currently in the development phase. Information on district field testing for the Spring of 2014 will be sent out in the near future.

The ASSETS grant supports development of a comprehensive assessment system for ELs, to include a summative, screener, and interim measures. The new system builds on WIDA’s previous language proficiency assessments, will incorporate current research in language acquisition, and be computer-based. Idaho has representation on both the EL Definition and Interim Assessment subcommittees, as well as participation with other subcommittees, as needed, to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible in the implementation of a technology-based assessment system.


In March of 2014, districts were contacted to decide when Idaho would transition to the WIDA English Proficiency Assessment, ACCESS 2.0. It was determined by the 55 districts who responded that Idaho would transition in the Spring of 2016. For the 2014-15 school year, continue to use the IELA - ELL Placement Tests and all other IELA resources. Further information will be sent out to districts in regards to transitioning to WIDA resources, prior to the new assessment administration in the Spring of 2016. For more detailed information, please review district communication below.

For more information on the ASSETS Consortium, including theory to practice, implementation, and timeline, please visit

For more information on the WIDA Standards, please visit , and click on the ELD Standards button.

If you have any questions in regards to the implementation of the WIDA Standards, please contact Christina Nava, Title III/LEP Coordinator, (208) 332-6905, If your questions are in regards to the new assessment system and/or the ASSESTS Consortium, please contact Nichole Hall, English Proficiency Assessment Coordinator, (208) 332-6933,

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