IELA Administration

The statewide English language assessment will be administered every spring during a 6 week window before the ISAT. Keep checking this web site for updated information.

IELA Online System - Service Point

All IELA information is housed on an online system called Service Point. Please reference the following links if you have any questions:

IELA - Service Point PRE-ID and Reporting Site Link
PDF Icon - IELA Service Point - Quick Guide
Powerpoint Icon - IELA Service Point - Training

2014 IELA Training

2014 IELA Post-Test Instructions

A PowerPoint has been created to guide districts through the return of IELA materials process. The Post-Test Instructions is posted to ServicePoint ( and below.

Please download and read through the script provided in the notes section of each slide, of the Post-Test instructions below. Please note that all IELA test materials are considered secure (with the Exception of the Test Coordinator's Guide) and MUST be returned. Make sure that all School Test Coordinator's cross-reference their secure materials list to ensure that everything shipped to your district is returned to Questar.

Powerpoint Icon IELA Post-Test Instructions
IELA Pre-ID Training

The Idaho English Language Assessment (IELA) Pre-ID Training recently occurred to provide districts with the knowledge and information to navigate the IELA Pre-ID process. The live training also covered common ISEE issues, related to the Pre-ID process, which have occurred in the past.

If you were unable to attend on either November 8th or 12th, please find the Power Point used in the training below. Please be sure to go over the Power Point so you are ready for the Pre-ID window, from December 2, 2013 through January 3, 2014.

Powerpoint Icon IELA ServicePoint Pre-ID Training PP 2014 Final
IELA Administration Training

Similar to previous years, Quester and the Idaho State Department of Education have prepared PowerPoint presentations to help you better understand the details associated with the Idaho English Proficiency Assessment (IELA). The Power Points are available, below, under each respective training, and at ServicePoint, Specifically, you will find a training presentation for new Test Coordinator’s that have never administered the IELA before, and a training presentation for Veteran Test Coordinator’s that are familiar with the test and as a result only need a refresher.

Please review applicable training and be sure to schedule a time to provide the training to district test proctors.

New Test Coordinator Training

Powerpoint Icon IELA Administration Full Training

Veteran Test Coordinator Training

Powerpoint Icon IELA Administration Condensed Training

2014 IELA Administration Documents

PDF Icon Form for Non-Tested Students
PDF Icon IELA Examiner Manual
PDF Icon IELA Test Coordinator's Guide
PDF Icon IELA Test Security Agreement
PDF Icon Return of Materials Instructions Divider Sheet
Excel Icon Ethnicity and Native Language Codes

District Communication

PDF Icon IELA Pre-ID and ISEE Uploads
PDF Icon IELA Pre-ID and Braille and Enlarged Print Orders
PDF Icon IELA Administration Training
PDF Icon Spring 2014 IELA Administration - Pre-ID

2014 IELA Important Date
Key Dates Events
Dec. 2nd – Jan. 3rd IELA Pre-Identification Window
Dec. 2nd – 6th Deadline for ordering Braille or Enlarged Print test forms
Feb. 3rd Test materials shipped to District Test Coordinators
Feb. 10th - March 14th Window for ordering additional test materials, if needed
Feb. 18th - March 31st IELA Testing window
April 3rd Deadline for schools to return answer documents & all other test materials to District Test Coordinator
April 4th Deadline to ship materials to Questar to be received by April 11th
April 11th Deadline for items to be received by Questar
May 12th - 16th Preliminary Roster Reports posted for district review
June 2nd Score reports accessible to District Test Coordinators on ServicePoint (paper copies will be mailed later in the month)