ACCUPLACER Diagnostic Testing Window: Tests can be administered at any time during the
school year.

The purpose of the ACCUPLACER tests is to provide educators with useful information about the academic skills of their students in math, English and reading. The results of the assessment, along with a student’s academic background, goals, and interests, can be used to determine remediation and course placement.

  • ACCUPLACER Diagnostic: The ACCUPLACER Diagnostic is a freshman through junior level test which assists in determining a student’s academic strengths and weaknesses, which will help inform remediation and course placement.
  • ACCUPLACER Placement: The ACCUPLACER Placement is a senior level test which assists in determining course placement a student’s first year of college.

Beginning the 2014-2015 school year, the Idaho College Entrance Examination (CEE) Requirement, for public school juniors, IDAPA code, has undergone several changes, two of which pertain to the ACCUPLACER.

  • The ACCCUPLACER Diagnostic is no longer an option to meet the CEE requirement for Idaho public school juniors.
  • In addition, the ACCUPLACER Placement will only be available to a select group of students who qualify for the alternate state accountability assessment.

For full details on the changes, please view related documents and an archived webinar at,

2014-2015 Educator Training

Whether you were able to attend one of the Accuplacer Fall Regional Workshops, held on November 4th through the 7th, or had a conflicting engagement which did not allow you to participate, all training Power Points from the workshop are now archived and available below.

The Accuplacer Regional workshop provided information on the state funded Accuplacer program and focused on how to make use of the Accuplacer Diagnostic, in order to determine student course placement and remediation needs through the use of the Accuplacer Remediation Planner, specific to each Diagnostic Assessment. The use of the Accuplacer Diagnostic with Remediation Planners can be used as early as middle school / junior high. Please access Remediation Planners below.

Information on Idaho's Advanced Opportunities, as well as the AP and CLEP programs, were also covered.

For additional information on the Accuplacer Diagnostic and your school's Accuplacer Point of contact, please see below.

button ACCUPLACER Diagnostic Administration

The Accuplacer Diagnostic is a computer adaptive testing system. The test is made up of four content tests with the following units for each:

  • Reading Comprehension (1 unit)
  • Sentence Skills (1 unit)
  • Arithmetic (1 unit)
  • Elementary Algebra (1 unit)

The tests are scored immediately enabling educators to receive immediate feedback. Each test is broken down into five domains (concepts) and a proficiency statement and score is given within each domain. Please refer to the documents below for further detailed information.

button School Contacts & Registration

If you are an educator who would like to make use of the ACCUPLACER Diagnostic for remediation purposes or course placement, please refer to the list of contacts below to determine who is the main ACCUPLACER Point of Contact at your school and reach out to them for more information.

If you are your school's ACCUPLACER main point of contact, each fall, prior to the beginning of the current school year, communication is sent to Idaho ACCUPLACER points of contact. The communication will notify recipients of ACCUPLACER updates and access to the ACCUPLACER assessment system.

Please contact Nichole Hall,, if you have any questions or concerns.

District Communication

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