Idaho Standards Achievement Tests (ISATs)

The ISAT summative assessment is an important component of the statewide student assessment system as stated in the board rule 08.02.03-Rules Governing Thoroughness. The ISAT tests are administered to students in grades 3-11 to provide ongoing monitoring of individual, school, district, and state progress. One component of the ISAT required for high school graduation is the 10th grade assessment in English Language Arts / Literacy and Mathematics. Proficiency on the 10th grade ISATs verifies that an Idaho student has met Idaho Core Standards in these content areas.

Academic proficiency is more than test scores. Competency in all academic areas is the goal for every child.

Components of the ISATs

The ISAT is composed of English Language Arts/Literacy and Mathematics tests for grades 3-11 that address the Idaho Core Standards and Science tests for grades 5, 7, and 10, which address the Idaho Science Standards. A variety of item types are used to assess what a student knows and what they can do with that knowledge. The items address a variety of skill levels, from short-term recall of facts to skills and problem solving.

The ISAT summative assessment is administered during the last 8 weeks of the school year. It consists of two parts: a computer adaptive test and performance tasks taken on a computer. The assessment:

  • Accurately describes both student achievement and growth of student learning as part of program evaluation and school, district, and the state accountability system;
  • Provides valid, reliable, and fair measures of students' progress toward, and attainment of the knowledge and skills required to be college- and career-ready; and
  • Capitalizes on the strengths of computer adaptive testing-efficient and precise measurement across the full range of achievement with quick turnaround of results.

Idaho ISAT Portal - for summative and interim assessment in ELA/ Literacy and Mathematics

The Portal provides access to:

  • TIDE (The Test Information and Distribution Engine)
  • TDS (The Test Delivery System)
  • ORS (The Online Reporting System)
  • THSS (The Teacher Hand Scoring System) for Interim assessments
  • Practice and training tests / sample items
  • Interim Assessments
  • Summative Assessments
  • Training Modules
  • User Guides
  • Documentation
  • Secure Browsers
  • Announcements
  • FAQ's
  • Important Dates

The Digital Library* for formative assessment:

  • Resources and tools for the four components of the formative assessment process for classroom assessment
  • Exemplar professional and instructional modules
  • Score reporting modules

*If you do not have access to the Digital Library contract your District Test Coordinator

Smarter Balanced

More information about the Assessment System Components, Blueprints, and Content and Item Specifications.

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Content Specifications

Smarter Balanced has developed content specifications in English language arts/literacy and mathematics to ensure that the assessments cover the range of knowledge and skills in the Common Core State Standards. The Content Specifications provide a bridge between the standards, instruction, and the assessment. The content specifications serve as the basis for the Smarter Balanced system of summative and interim assessments and formative assessment support for teachers. Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond, Smarter Balanced Senior Research Advisor and professor of education at the Stanford University School of Education, led the development of the content specifications in collaboration with experts in the field. .

Item/Task Specifications

Item and performance task specifications provide guidance on how to translate the Smarter Balanced Content Specifications into actual assessment items. In addition, guidelines for bias and sensitivity, accessibility and accommodations, and style help item developers and reviewers ensure consistency and fairness across the item bank. The specifications and guidelines were reviewed by member states, school districts, higher education, and other stakeholders. Item Specifications can be found by clicking the following.

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English Language Arts/Literacy Assessments

The ELA/Literacy assessments are composed of items that address Idaho Core Standards in grades 3-11. There are four reporting categories known as Claims. The Claims represent what we know to be true about a student's performance in the areas of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, if we see specific evidence.

Mathematics Assessment

The ISAT mathematics assessment is composed of items that address Idaho Core Standards for grades 3-11. There are three reporting areas known as Claims. The Claims represent what we know to be true about a student's performance in the areas of mathematics if we see specific evidence.

Sample Items by Assessment Claim

For examples

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ISAT Math- ELA Parent Brochures
Science Assessment

The ISAT science assessment is composed of items that address standards, goals, and objectives for grades 5, 7, and 10. The goals and objectives for each grade are distributed among five reporting categories: Nature of Science, Physical Science, Biology, Earth and Space Systems, and Personal and Social Perspectives; Technology.

ISAT Testing Dates