The Technology Services Division in conjunction with the Divisions of Teacher Certification and Professional Standards, Special Education and ESEA Programs of the Idaho State Department of Education would like to thank all those who participated in the ISEE Boot Camps held throughout the state from May 1 - 21, 2013. These intense training sessions were intended to help school districts catch the vision of Idaho's System for Educational Excellence - Idaho's Statewide Longitudinal Data System and to assist them in their efforts to collect, consolidate and submit accurate data.

In an effort to make all the information presented at the ISEE Boot Camp's available to those who work with ISEE throughout the state we are posting the materials presented by our ISEE experts at these Boot Camps.

Additionally we are posting the contact information for all presenters from the ISEE Boot Camps. Please feel free to reach out to these Idaho State Department of Education staff members to assist you. You may also find the ISEE Boot Camp FAQ page to be of great assistance as well!

We are honored to work with the amazing school districts in Idaho and those who are working so hard to implement ISEE and use it to meet the needs of Idaho students and educators. Thank you for your participation and your attendance at our ISEE Boot Camps.

Please log in to the ISEE portal to access these great reference materials from the ISEE Boot Camps!