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Sharing Lessons Learned: Charter School Support Program Dissemination Grants

Since 1994, the U.S. Department of Education has provided grants to support state charter school planning and implementation, as well as dissemination efforts (Title V, Part B, Subpart 1 of the Elementary and Secondary Act of 1965, as amended by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001).

States may reserve up to 10 percent of Charter School Program grant funds for dissemination sub-grants to share lessons learned from high-quality charter schools with a demonstrated history of success to other public schools, including other public charter schools, about how to create and sustain high-quality, accountable schools.

Currently Idaho does not have a CSP grant. Dissemination grant funds are not available through the Idaho State Department of Education at this time. Information about applying to the US Department of Education is available at the Charter School Program web site. http://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/oii/csp/index.html

To learn more about Idaho's Dissemination Projects or to participate as a project partner, click on the links below.

2009-2011 Grant Recipients:

button Idaho Arts Charter School

Idaho Arts Charter School

The Idaho Arts Charter School has five different concepts:

Assistance For Planning and Development For Petitions of Charter Schools
Charter developers receive technical assistance in the designing and planning of a new charter school as they develop their petition and school design.

For more information or to set up a consultation, please contact Donna Myers at bdhsnmyers@att.net or 467-9559, or Shawna Lown at slown97@yahoo.com or 794-7618.

A Step-by-Step Guide For Opening a Charter School
Newly approved charters wanting to start a high quality school will receive educated guidance from the successful charter to open their school on time, meeting state requirements, and focus on high achievement within six months.

Contact Jackie Collins at jski2003@cableone.net or 989-1513. For financial assistance only, contact Donna Myers at bdhsnmyers@att.net or 467-9559.

Charter School Facilities and Financing
One of the major goals of any new charter school is to secure a permanent facility. Planning and assistance with be provided regarding completing a business plan, planning for facility, architect search, land purchase, securing and planning for financing of facility, construction and building process, etc.

For more information or to set up a consultation, contact Donna Myers at bdhsnmyers@att.net or 467-9559, or Shawna Lown at slown97@yahoo.com or 794-7618.

Curriculum Design and Implementation
Assist schools with: 1) Framing curriculum around "essential questions," 2) "Planning backward" for meaningful, relevant, standards-based projects and authentic work, and 3) Interdisciplinary planning among teams of teachers.

Partner schools will be selected for curriculum assistance. All are eligible to attend summer classes.

For more information or to set up a consultation, please contact Marie McGrath at mariez70@gmail.com or 250-9447.

Story-Construction/Arts Integration Curriculum
Story-Construction is a way to teach visual, musical and dramatic arts in a classroom while standards are being met in co-curricular subjects such as language arts, literature, science and social studies. As research indicates, teaching the arts increases the depth of student understanding, achievement and participation.

For more information or to set up a consultation, please contact Jan Jorgensen at titaniaj@hotmail.com or 283-9073.

button Compass Charter School

Offer support for new and/or struggling schools to increase the number of quality charter schools focused on high achievement for all students. The first year will focus on a "face-to-face" approach with three to four newly approved charter schools who may be struggling with school culture issues at the secondary level. The second year will involve the production of training videos and an instruction manual that will be made available to the partner schools.

For more information please contact Kelly Trudeau, Administrator at 208-855-2802.

button INSPIRE Academics, Inc.

As part of its unique virtual school program, INSPIRE uses a variety of synchronous tools and strategies (STS) including LiveLessonTM web conferencing, which brings students and teachers together in real time using voice over IP, web cam, text chat, and more. In addition, INSPIRE has implemented a programs such as PACE (Program for All Children to Excel), which uses synchronous small group interventions to improve academic results.

We plan to develop and deploy additional LiveLessonTM created by INSPIRE teachers to address specific students needs of students in grades 9-12 identified as "at risk"; expand PACE to address additional grade levels; and explore additional STS to improve student achievement among internally identified at-risk students. The project is anticipated to be two years in duration.

For more information please contact Melissa Hegg, Director at 208-322-4002.

2002-2005 Grant Recipients:

button ANSER Charter School

ANSER Charter School has worked hard to improve academic achievement by implementing best instructional practices in every classroom in order to facilitate powerful teaching and learning. They created a high quality CD with an accompanying booklet that demonstrated powerful teaching and learning in action. The CD follows a classroom through a planned and thoughtful progression of lessons and is designed for a wide audience.

button Liberty Charter School

At the time of this Dissemination Grant, there were two charter schools in Idaho, Hidden Springs Charter School and North Star Charter School, which had adopted Liberty Charter School's curriculum and behavioral program. There were additional schools that asked for this curriculum. The math, vocabulary and reading units were developed and delivered to those partner schools for each grade level once a week. The units and assessments were teacher-developed.

button Moscow Charter School

Building a Charter School Building: Creative Financing Options
Moscow Charter School was instrumental in writing and passing legislation that would allow all Idaho Charter Schools to obtain loans from lending institutions to finance a facility. Moscow Charter School created a booklet that described the process that they experienced in building a new facility including the obstacles and mistakes that could potentially cost other charter schools time and money. It was written to answer all of the basic questions that a new charter school would have regarding planning and designing a new facility and creating a financing plan that matches the needs of the schools.

This publication can be found at the Idaho Charter School Network's website at: http://csi.boisestate.edu/icsn_files/ICSNhomepage/Building%20Book.pdf

Technology in Education: A Model for Integration
Moscow Charter School has a unique integrated technology program that emphasizes problem solving and logical thinking skills. They designed a booklet that described these unique components for all grades. The technology program at the school also presents lessons on internet safety and file management. The integrated language arts component introduces software for writing and presentation and authoring languages that allow students to create their own learning units. This booklet also reviewed the literature on the importance of teaching problem-solving and how this relates to our technology program.

The Arts in Education: A Model for Integration
Moscow Charter School also developed a series of products that described the central role of the arts programming at the school. To emphasize the role that creativity plays in thinking and problem-solving, the faculty and students wrote and produced original theater scripts, songs and dances.

PDF Icon Dissemination Arts in Education
PDF Icon Dissemination Teaching with Technology

button Pocatello Community Charter School

In conjunction with ANSER Charter School, PCCS planned and implemented site seminars for educators in local communities and state. Three site seminars were offered each year for three years. The staff worked together in the planning and development of the site seminars. The purpose of the seminars was to show best practices in the area of school reform. PCCS partnered with Idaho Charter School Network and served on school review teams for charter renewal, using the new Charter School Accountability Plan.