Child Nutrition Programs Civil Rights (CR) Requirements For All Institutions

  1. All Child Nutrition Programs must operate in a non-discriminating manner.
  2. All institutions must collect and report racial and ethnic data initially when coming on the program and annually thereafter.
  3. Collect racial and ethnic data for actual participants and report the data in MyIdahoCNP during renewal (annual packet updates).
  4. Keep all data on file for three years, plus current year.
  5. NSLP and SFSP sponsors must submit a public release including the non-discrimination statement to their local news media describing their specific program. A copy of the public release must be maintained by the sponsor and be available for the state agency during a review. CACFP sponsors are not required to submit their own public release to their local news media. Annually the state agency will submit a state wide release for all sponsors.
  6. All institutions must develop and implement a written Civil Rights complaint procedures to handle any discrimination complaint.
  7. All institutions must have readily available Civil Rights complaint forms to give to complainants who have a complaint.
  8. All institutions must have a Civil Rights Complaint Log to track any such complaints.
  9. All institutions must train their staff on Civil Rights requirements before the staff assume their duties in Child Nutrition Programs and annually thereafter. Sponsors must document the training with an agenda and sign in sheet for all participants. The training agenda must include the following minimum training requirements:
    1. Collection and use of data
    2. Effective public notification systems
    3. Complaint procedures
    4. Compliance review techniques
    5. Resolution of noncompliance
    6. Requirements for reasonable accommodation of persons with disabilities
    7. Requirements for language assistance
    8. Conflict resolution
    9. Customer service
  10. All institutions must display the current "And Justice for All" poster in a prominent place.
  11. All institutions must use the USDA long version of the non-discrimination statement on all public correspondence of more than one page (one sheet of paper) that implies or mentions USDA or Child Nutrition Programs. The short version can be used on all materials one page or one sheet of paper with print on the front and back.