HealthierUS School Challenge

Healthier US Challenge
Can You Meet the Challenge?

Are You Ready to be a Gold Award School?

The HealthierUS School Challenge was established to recognize schools that are creating healthier school environments through their promotion of good nutrition and physical activity. Four levels of superior performance are awarded: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Gold of Distinction for both elementary and secondary schools.

The overarching goal of the HealthierUS School Challenge is to improve the health of the Nation's children by promoting healthier school environments. To help meet the goal, the Challenge identifies schools that have made changes to the school nutrition environment to:

  • improve the quality of the foods served,
  • provide students with nutrition education, and
  • provide students with physical education and opportunities for physical activity.
Is This Your First Time?

The Idaho Child Nutrition Programs encourages you to try for the Bronze or Silver award if this is your first time applying for this award. You may find that your school is already doing many of the requirements. If your school is a repeat award winner, aim for Gold or Gold Award of Distinction during the next award cycle.

NEW CRITERIA for 2014-15
Are you doing some innovative things in your school cafeteria? Do you know about the Smarter Lunchroom Movement? The new HUSSC criteria has a big focus on little changes that help students make healthy choices using the Smarter Lunchrooms self-assessment scorecard. Learn more at USDA’s HUSSC website.

Resource and Assessment Manual

HealthierUS School Challenge General Information
PDF Icon HealthierUS School Challenge Criteria Chart
HealthierUS School Challenge Webinars & Training

USDA will be offering webinars on the HealthierUS School Challenge, check back regularly for scheduled webinars and archived webinar recordings. The HUSSC Criteria was updated August 31,2014. These webinars may still contain useful information, but they refer to the 2012 criteria.

Submitting an Application Webinar Link
Reviewing Applications Webinar (Insight on how your application will be reviewed) Link
HUSSC School Wellness Webinar Link
Nutrition Education, Physical Activity, and Physical Education Webinar Link
PDF Icon Other Criteria For Excellence, including Farm to School Presentation

If you are interested in applying for the HealthierUS School Challenge contact:

Dianne Esplin, RD, LD, SNS
Coordinator, Child Nutrition Programs
State Department of Education
650 West State Street
Boise, ID 83702
Phone: 1-208-332-6827

Idaho HealthierUS School Challenge Award Winners

Kimberly School District (4/14 - 4/18)
Kimberly Elementary School (Bronze)

Marsing Joint School District #363 (4/14 - 4/18)
Marsing Elementary School (Silver)
Marsing Middle School (Silver)

Marsh Valley School District (12/12 – 12/16)
Inkom Elementary School (Silver)

Middleton School District #134 (6/12 – 6/16)
Middleton Middle School(Gold Award of Distinction)

Payette School District #371 (6/12 – 6/16)
Payette High School (Silver)

Middleton School District #134 (5/12 – 5/16)
Middleton High School (Silver)

Middleton School District #134 (3/12 – 3/16)
Purple Sage Elementary School (Silver)

Middleton School District #134 (1/12 – 1/16)
Heights Elementary School (Silver)

Middleton School District #134 (12/11 – 12/15)
Mill Creek Elementary School (Silver)

Kootenai School District (9/11 – 9/15)
Harrison Elementary School (Silver)

Lakeland Joint School District #272 (9/11 – 9/15)
Spirit Lake Elementary School (Silver) (5/11 - 5/15)

Moscow School District (5/11 - 5/15)
A.B. McDonald Elementary School (Silver)

Gooding School District (9/09 - 8/13)
Gooding Elementary School (Gold Award of Distinction)