Frequently Asked Questions about the Idaho Core Standards:
  • What the New Idaho Core Standards Will Mean for Idaho Students (Please see link)
  • The Myths and Facts about the New Idaho Core Standards (PDF Icon Please see link)
  • Are the New Idaho Core Standards Based on Research?
    The following links provide more information about the PDF Icon criteria and PDF Icon considerations for standards development. The standards development process incorporated the best practices and research from across the nation and the world. In addition, a major reason Idaho chose to voluntarily adopt the new standards in mathematics is because these standards are closely aligned with the Idaho Math Initiative, which the state launched in 2008. Research has shown that teachers who have taken the Mathematical Thinking for Instruction course through the Idaho Math Initiative and applied these methods in their classrooms see better student achievement results in mathematics. Through the new Idaho Core Standards, Idaho students will learn critical thinking and problem-solving skills that we believe are important now and in the future.
  • When did Idaho adopt the new Idaho Core Standards? PDF Icon Idaho Adopts - Public Announcement
  • What process was used in adopting the Idaho Core Standards? (Please see "The Process")
  • Has the state compared these standards to previous standards? Yes, see the Gap Analysis for both subject areas. ( PDF Icon ELA / PDF Icon Math)