Mathematics Standards

This is an exciting time for Idaho's mathematics educators. With the adoption of the Common Core State Standards [CCSS], Idaho will build on the research and evidence of the last two decades and move towards preparing Idaho students to be college and career ready.

These standards aren't a move towards reforming mathematics education; these standards are a move towards transforming mathematics education. Significant changes will occur in instruction, curriculum, and assessment. Quality implementation is key.

What you will notice about these standards:

  • Committed to college and career readiness
  • Based on evidence of what students need at each step along the way to be college and career ready
  • Honest about the time required to teach a concept with depth
  • K-5 — focus on number and operation
  • K-7 — graded ramp up to algebra through fractions, ratios and proportional reasoning
  • 6-8 — rich hands on work with ratios, geometry, statistics and probability
  • HS — rigorous algebra, geometry, modeling, statistics and probability
  • — emphasis throughout on problem solving, quantitative reasoning, and modeling
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