Providers/School Districts


The term "Provider" refers to any public school district, public charter school, institution of higher education, education management organization or consortium/partnership of the same offering online classes to students in Idaho.

Minimum Provider Qualifications:
The Provider must be accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) - a division of AdvancED- or by a body that is recognized by NWAC.

All teachers providing instruction to Idaho students must hold a valid Idaho teaching certificate in each content area being taught (Section 33-1627 (2), Idaho Code) and meet the definition of "Highly Qualified" in that subject area (No Child Left Behind Act of 2001).

The Provider must be nonsectarian in its course offerings and admission policies (Article IX, Sections 5 and 6, Idaho Constitution).

Each course offered for a unit of credit must correlate with applicable state-adopted academic standards prior to being offered. All courses must include assessments or another demonstration of mastery. All teachers are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that conforms to the expectations put forth by the Idaho Professional Standards Board (Section 33-513, Idaho Code).

Administrators, teachers, and other educational staff employed by the Provider whom interact with students must comply with fingerprinting and national criminal history record check (Section 33-130, Idaho Code). Idaho State Department of Education (SDE) encourages each Provider to apply for approval and offer a variety of elective courses in addition to those that encompass Idaho Core Content Standards in Mathematics and English Language Arts.

Types of Providers:
There are two (2) types of providers of online courses in Idaho. The first criterion is whether they have met the statutory requirements and are approved to operate in the state of Idaho (Section 33-1024, Idaho Code). Idaho Service Providers (ISP) - An ISP is an Idaho public school district, public charter school, institution of higher education, or consortium of the same that offers courses to students throughout Idaho. These providers are automatically approved to provide online courses to Idaho students.

To be recognized by SDE as an Idaho Service Provider, the school district, public charter school, consortium, or Idaho college/university needs to complete and submit an Idaho Service Provider Application. Once the Application and Forms have been received by SDE the approval process is typically short. Notification will be sent to the Provider indicating the status and next steps. There are no fees for applying, delivering, and rating of Idaho Service Provider courses. However, all course payments or reimbursements will be to the discretion of both the student's home school district and the Provider school district. Further details are provided in the Payment section.

In circumstances where a third party provider has a contract with the governing board of an Idaho approved, fully accredited, diploma granting, online charter school, courses may be offered statewide through said public charter school, with Idaho Service Provider status, if the following conditions are met:

  • The school board of the school has determined that the course offered is a valuable and necessary addition to the charter and its students;
  • The course is offered to the students within the charter school; and
  • Students from said charter school are currently enrolled in the course.

Outside Service Providers (OSP) - OSPs are education management organizations or private purveyors of education that meet statutory requirements to offer courses to students throughout Idaho. Outside Service Providers are not Idaho public education agencies.

  • The Outside Service Provider must complete the appropriate application and submit courses to be reviewed by the State Department of Education.
  • Outside Service Provider applications will be processed on a first come, first served basis.
  • The Outside Service Provider and approved courses will be listed at