The Idaho State Department of Education (SDE) may revoke Provider status or the ability for a Provider to offer a course if:

  1. It is determined the Provider has failed to comply with the terms and conditions of the approved application;
  2. It is determined that the Provider is no longer able to carry out the courses described in the approval application; conditions exist that jeopardize the academic integrity of the Provider; and health and safety of students or staff is compromised.

If the deficiencies are not corrected within the timeline specified in the written report, the SDE may recommend that Provider approval be revoked or the individual online course be removed from the state-approved listing of online courses.

Providers will be notified if there is substantial evidence that they are not meeting one or more of the approval conditions and that revocation is being considered. The notice will include the specific areas of concern, and the Provider will have to submit a corrective action plan with a timeline to address the specific areas of concern. If the Provider does not respond to the revocation notice, revocation will take place 30 days after mailing.

If an action plan is received, SDE staff will review the corrective action plan and make a determination on whether it: suitably addresses the specific areas of concern, requires additional actions, or is largely incomplete and the approval should be immediately revoked. The Provider will have the opportunity to clarify and adjust the plan before this decision is made.

Approval revocation is serious and may have a substantial impact on students, districts and Providers. As such, approvals will only be revoked if the Provider is unwilling to take the necessary corrective actions to bring the course(s) in compliance with the approval criteria/assurances.

If SDE determines that a Provider or course approval must be revoked, the implementation of the revocation will be timed to prevent as much unnecessary disruption to the education of the students as possible. In all possible cases, existing enrollments, including second semesters of year-long courses, received by the Provider on or before the date of revocation would not be affected by the revocation. However, SDE reserves the right to immediately revoke approval and discontinue courses of any Provider where conditions exist that jeopardize academic integrity or compromise the health and safety of students or staff.