21st Century Classroom Video Recognition Awards Best Practices in Technology Integration

Do you have a fabulous lesson or student project that demonstrates the power of technology integration in the 21st Century Classroom to increase student engagement and learning? The Best Practice in Technology Integration Award is meant to recognize Idaho teachers and highlight their innovative practices in Idaho classrooms in the area of technology integration. Technology may include but is not limited to T.V. production, classroom or student website design, digital storytelling, iPad apps, Flipped Classroom, Social networking, Digital Art or any other type of hardware software you would like to share with colleagues and the community. The videos will be posted on the SDE website as demonstrations of the fabulous work in classrooms across the state! They do not have to be professionally produced. Teachers and/or students should be the authors and producers. 3-5 minutes is all that is needed to showcase your work! District Permission to video must be signed by parent/guardian for all students who appear in the videos.


Elementary – Four Classrooms will receive $1,000 awards
Junior High School – Two Classrooms will receive $1,000 awards
High School – Two Classrooms will receive $1,000 awards

Due Date: Links to video entries must be received via email on or prior to the on January 31st close of business.

How to enter.

Create a 3-5 minute video an excerpt of your classroom lesson, student project or technology integration in action!

Post your video in the cloud via Teacher Tube at http://teachertube.com/ or YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/ Send this table of information via email along with the link to your video to;

Alex Macdonald
Digital Learning Coordinator

General Information:
Video Entry Title:
Technology Practice Highlighted in Video:
Name of Teacher:
District Name:
District Number:
School Name:
School Address
School Email
Name/s of Students

(Must have media release/s signed by parents/legal guardians and retained at the site level for all students visible/identifiable in the video).

First Award in Celebration of Digital Learning Day February 6, 2013 (and monthly until funds are expended)

Deadlines are the 15th of Every Month – Awards will be announced beginning with Digital Learning Day on February 6th and continuing monthly on the first of each month until funds are expended.
January 15, 2013
February 15, 2013
March 15th 2013
April 15th 2013

Award Funds for Classroom Materials - The SDE is prohibited from awarding cash or gift cards so awards will be distributed as funds for classroom materials. The distribution of the award will go to the school district. Teachers are free to purchase any classroom supplies/technology up to the amount of the award. There are no restrictions on the types of materials or classroom supplies purchased by the classroom teacher.