What's the Scoop on Pay-for-Performance?

The Idaho State Department of Education has been fielding lots of questions on pay-for-performance and the timeline for calculating the data and distributing the funding to Idaho's teachers. The Department is on track to distribute these funds on November 15th, part of the third foundation payment that is sent to Idaho's school districts.

At this point, no final data on pay-for-performance has been distributed. The Department did release preliminary data to school district administrators on September 19th. Administrators have until October 19th to appeal this preliminary data. Please note: If you have received or heard about this data, it is preliminary at this point and subject to change through the appeals process.

Here is the specific timeline the Idaho State Department of Education is working under:

Aug. 16, 2012: Student achievement data appeals window closes (this date was extended at the request of districts to give them additional time)
Sept. 19, 2012: Preliminary statewide pay-for-performance data released to local school districts for review.
Sept. 20, 2012: Conference call with school districts.
Sept. 19-Oct. 19, 2012: The deadline for districts to review and appeal the preliminary statewide pay-for-performance data.
Oct. 19-Oct. 29, 2012: The State Department of Education will collect all appeals and recalculate statewide pay-for-performance data as necessary.
Oct. 29-Nov. 9, 2012: The State Department of Education will provide a process for local school districts to submit their local pay-for-performance data from 2011-12 to the state to be incorporated into the statewide data.
Nov. 9-Nov. 12, 2012: The State Department of Education Public School Finance Office will finalize all state and local pay-for-performance data and provide the final figures to the SDE Accounting Office to process a payment to local school districts.
Nov. 15, 2012: The State Department of Education will distribute pay-for-performance funding to local school districts in the third foundation payment.
Nov. 15-Dec. 15, 2012: Local school districts and public charter schools will distribute pay-for performance bonuses to teachers.

If you have any further questions about pay-for-performance, you can visit: http://www.studentscomefirst.org/performance.htm.