Advanced Opportunities for Students

Matt McCarter

By Matt McCarter
Director of Student Engagement and Postsecondary Readiness

Exciting avenues for students to accelerate the completion of high school graduation requirements, earn a partial scholarship, or take college courses while still in high school paid for by the state are now in place through the 8-in-6, Mastery Advancement Program and Dual Credit for Early Completers programs. The 8-in-6 program is the most recent of these advanced opportunities approved by the legislature, and it has generated a great deal of excitement as well as some questions.

The 8-in-6 Program, approved by the Idaho Legislature in 2012, allows students to take accredited online overage and online summer courses, paid for in part by the state, in order to complete their required high school courses at an accelerated rate and go on to earn college credit while still in high school.

The title "8-in-6" refers to completing eight years of education (two years of junior high, four years of high school, and first two years of college, university or professional technical education) in six years (two years of junior high and four years of high school). Students may begin the program in the 7th grade and must complete at least one online summer or online overload course, in addition to their full course load, each school year.

Who is eligible? How do students sign up for the program? What will the state pay for? What is the district/public charter school responsibility? What are the program requirements? All these questions and more are addressed in the guidance and enrollment form recently published on the State Department of Education's website. For more details on 8-in-6 and other advanced opportunities, please visit Advanced Opportunities.