Explore the Core: Idaho Core Standards Videos Featuring Idaho Educators

It's time for parent-teacher conferences, and the State Department of Education is offering another resource to help teachers and principals get the word out about the new Idaho Core Standards.

The Department has developed a short series of videos featuring Idaho educators talking about the Idaho Core Standards and how they are working in Idaho classrooms to help all students be successful in postsecondary education and the workforce.

Four educators are featured in these videos: Bill Brulotte, Principal at I.B. Perrine Elementary in Twin Falls; Vicki Chase, Gifted and Talented Teacher at Mountain View Middle School in Blackfoot; Jason Green, Assistant Director at the Kootenai Technical Education Campus in Rathdrum; and Angela Swift, Teacher at Birch Elementary in Nampa.

Each educator has a two - or three-minute video emphasizing a different aspect of implementing the standards. For example, Angela Swift's video is geared toward advice for teachers beginning to implement the new standards. "It's okay to be a little nervous. You're kind of walking into a place maybe where it's an unknown area... The best professional development I did was building those units? and really getting my hands on those Idaho Common Core Standards and making sure that I was well -versed in them. I knew what was coming down the line. I knew what my kids were expected to do."

We encourage you to take a look at each video and see which one will work the best for your school and community. There's also a longer five-minute overview video, which features all four educators.

Like the brochures the Department distributed to schools earlier this year, the videos are intended to serve as a resource for you to use in communicating about the Idaho Core Standards. The videos could be shared with parents at upcoming parent-teacher conferences, shown at the beginning of teacher trainings, or posted on school social media and websites.

The videos are available online at www.sde.idaho.gov/site/common/toolkit.htm.