New changes to Advanced Opportunity Programs!

By Jennifer Caprile, Advanced Opportunities Coordinator

Beginning next school year, high school students attending public schools across Idaho will have access to new funding to help cover the costs of taking college-level courses or professional-technical certification exams while still in high school.

During the 2014 Legislative Session, the Idaho Legislature passed Senate Bill 1233, which approved funds to cover up to 75% of the cost of taking dual credit courses, college-credit bearing exams, or professional-technical exams. Every high school junior will have access to a maximum of $200 a year and each high school senior will have access to a maximum of $400 a year. These funds are to be utilized after all other grants, scholarships, and other funds are exhausted, except county funds for out-of-district students taking community college courses.

Students who graduate early are now also eligible for the Mastery Advancement Program Scholarship. This new change to legislation allows students who have completed all district/public charter school and state graduation requirements for grades 1-12 within 11 full school years or less to be eligible to receive a scholarship redeemable at any Idaho public postsecondary institutions. Students must have attended an Idaho public school for four school years immediately prior to graduation to receive a full scholarship.

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