Idaho Teachers Help Develop Smarter Balanced Test

ClassJust before Christmas break, 25 educators from across Idaho traveled to Boise to participate in the Smarter Balanced Item Writer Training. The training consisted of an intensive three-day workshop where educators focused on writing possible test questions for the new Smarter Balanced Assessment.

Educators worked to create items aligned to the Idaho Core Standards Claims, Targets, Guidelines and Item Specifications. The items were written for both Math and ELA/Literacy for grades 3-11.

As certified Smarter Item Writers, educators will continue to write items which will be added to the Smarter Balanced Item Bank with potential use on the Smarter Balanced assessments.

In addition to the item writing, Idaho educators have been involved in various other activities associated with the Smarter Balanced Assessment System, such as range finding, item authoring, data review, bias and content review, and developing formative assessment resources for the digital library. In total, more than 100 Idaho educators have been involved in the development of some portion of the Smarter Balanced Assessment System.

As a governing state in the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, we are always looking for ways for more Idaho educators to become involved in this process. Currently, we are accepting nominations for the ELA Item Quality Review Team. This team will review performance tasks and computer adaptive testing items from February through June 2014. Space is limited, so if you're interested please contact Cathy Salas at or (208) 332-6909.

Thank you to all the educators who are assisting us in this effort!