Discovery Education STREAMING PLUS Digital Content for Your Classroom Available Now!

One of the many benefits of Schoolnet, Idaho's statewide instructional management system (ISEE Phase II), is the library of digital content that is now available immediately for all classroom teachers. Teachers can find digital content in Schoolnet from several sources, including content that has been created and shared by other Idaho teachers as well as free resources such as Lili, Library of Congress, Khan Academy, Thinkfinity, and 150 other Idaho SDE prescreened and approved free educational websites. Now, thanks to a generous donation from the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation, teachers have access to premium content from Discovery Education, including engrossing and popular nature documentaries like Planet Earth and Frozen Planet. What a great resource for your classroom!

The Idaho State Department of Education has contracted with Discovery Education to provide this digital content to classrooms across Idaho—content that will broaden student horizons and help them experience the fascinating world that we live in. Through a unique combination of digital resources and professional development, this partnership supports educators in Idaho as they create 21st century learning environments that engage and inspire students to reach their highest potential.

Participating Schools Receive:

Discovery Education STREAMING PLUS:

  • More than 200,000 digital learning objects that cover all curriculum areas and meet Common Core and State Standards
  • Multimedia resources like videos, high-quality images, math tutorials, encyclopedia articles, and an interactive atlas
  • Teacher guides, lesson plans, and writing prompts
  • STEM Connect, a captivating resource connecting students to STEM curriculum and career development
What is Discovery Education?

Powered by Discovery Communications, the number one nonfiction media brand in the world, Discovery Education is the leading provider of standards-based digital resources for the classroom. Discovery Education STREAMING PLUS captures the minds and imaginations of students by tapping into their natural curiosity and desire to learn. Read more at:

How do I access Discovery Education?

Discovery Education is available now through Schoolnet, the statewide instructional management system, to all classroom teachers and school administrators in districts/schools that do not currently have a prior contract with Discovery. If you teach in one of these districts and do not already have a Schoolnet login, please visit to learn how you can sign up and log in. Please note: Access to ISEE and Schoolnet may take up to 72 Hours following registration.

Districts and schools that currently have prior contracts with Discovery will continue to access Discovery directly through the Discovery website rather than Schoolnet until July 1, 2012, at which point those contracts will expire, and Discovery will become available to staff in these schools through Schoolnet.

Will the SDE be offering professional development related to Discovery Education?

Yes! The State Department of Education is partnering with Discovery Education to offer professional development to teachers on instructional strategies to help Idaho teachers effectively integrate digital content in the classroom. All professional development opportunities will be available on the Students Come First Professional Development calendar at Several opportunities are already posted online there; a complete list will be available soon.

Does Discovery Education offer professional development opportunities?

Yes. You can get started on professional development now if you want. Discovery Education also allows you to do professional development on your own time. You now have access to the Discovery Educator Network, a global educator community of more than 125,000 members who are enthusiastic about teaching with digital media, sharing resources, and learning together. Discovery Education also has extensive professional development opportunities on demand on the Discovery Education site by clicking on the Discovery icon upon log in to Schoolnet.

What else should I know about this new resource?

Discovery also has many free live and archived webinars, live streamed events, contests, and a blog! If you are a Twitter user, you can access Discovery info there as well! Check the Discovery Educator Resources tab regularly! We will launch our own Idaho Discovery DEN social networking group during the Edustat 2012 conference, and you will receive an invitation to join us in an ongoing Professional Learning Community (PLC) of Idaho educators. The Edustat 2012 conference is also hosting specific sessions on integrating Discovery and other digital content into your curriculum. Learn more about EduStat and register to attend at:

For more information, please contact:
Carol L. Scholz M.Ed.
Digital Content Coordinator