Digital Content Update

By Carol Scholz
Digital Learning Coordinator at the SDE

I am very excited to share with you some of the wonderful new resources and opportunities that are available to you for digital content here in Idaho. Please take a moment to click through some of these links to make sure you have the latest information about the events, award opportunities, and digital resources we have worked hard to make available for you.

National and Idaho Digital Learning Day

Celebrate digital learning with students across the state of Idaho and around the country on Digital Learning Day, which takes places on February 6, 2013. Don't forget to check out the details of the Digital Learning Day National Video Contest.

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21st Century Best Practices Recognition Award - Schoolnet Lesson / Unit Planning

Are you a classroom teacher in grades K-12 with a great lesson you would like to share with educators statewide? Awards range from $200 for a single educator to $1,000 for a team of 2-4! Awards will be distributed as funds for classroom materials.

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21st Century Classroom Recognition Awards and Visual Art Gallery - Best Practices in Visual Arts

Do you have a terrific art lesson and student art work that you would like to share with colleagues and the community on Idaho's new Virtual Art Gallery! Would you like to receive from $250 in art materials for your class? Then enter your lesson and digital photos of student work in the first ever Recognition Awards for Best Practices in Visual Arts!

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21st Century Classroom Video Recognition Awards - Best Practices in Technology Integration

Do you have a fabulous lesson or student project that demonstrates the power of technology integration in the 21st Century Classroom to increase student engagement and learning? The Best Practice in Technology Integration Award is meant to recognize Idaho teachers and highlight their innovative practices in Idaho classrooms in the area of technology integration. Teachers and/or students should be the authors and producers. 3-5 minutes is all that is needed to showcase your work!

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Discovery Virtcon (Virtual Conference) Archived Online Events Now Available

A Virtcon is a virtual conference, and Idaho hosted its first ever Discovery Virtcon on October 20th! This conference was archived for viewing at your convenience. Learn about the latest in technology best practices for free! This fabulous conference was hosted by Idaho’s Leadership Council Founders Kim Miller and Marita Diffenbaugh at Star Elementary in Meridian.

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For more information and ideas on digital content, see "5 Ideas for Digital Content Aligned to the Common Core State Standards" in this newsletter.