Public Comment Sought on Teacher Evaluations

The State Department of Education is seeking feedback on a new administrative rule dealing with educator evaluations.

The rule changes policy around evaluations to require the use of multiple measures, two observations annually (including one before January 1st of each year), and at least 33% of the evaluation based on growth in student achievement. The proposed rule also requires parent input, student input and/or portfolios to be included in the Professional Practice portion of the evaluation.

This rule comes as the result of the work of the Educator Evaluation Task Force. After the repeal of the Students Come First laws, Idaho was no longer in compliance with the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) waiver requirements, which called for student achievement and multiple measures to be a part of both teacher and principal evaluations. As a result, the state brought the Educator Evaluation Task Force together to redraft the rule and bring it back in to compliance with the ESEA waiver requirements.

To view the text of the rule and comment, please click here. The deadline for public comment is June 26, 2013. Any revisions based on public comment will be made at that time, and the rule will be returned to the State Board of Education for final approval before proceeding to the Legislature for consideration.