Upcoming Common Core State Standard (CCSS) Workshops in ELA/Literacy

K-12 CCSS workshop: The CCSS and Text Complexity: Authentic Integration of Informational Reading and Composing in Idaho's Classrooms

The Common Core State Standards emphasize the need for students to not only read and comprehend increasingly complex texts but also to encounter a range of texts. With an emphasis on informational text, this class examines those factors that characterize text complexity, provides hands-on teaching strategies for close reading and in-depth discussions, and highlights the Common Core State Standards in both reading and writing.

This workshop is not an introduction to these new standards. In preparation for the workshop, participants will need to familiarize themselves with the Common Core State Standards before attending. This workshop is open to ALL teachers from across ALL content areas, as well as professional leadership trainers, special education specialists, curriculum directors, etc.

When you come to the workshop session, you will need to have done ONE (1) of the following:

  1. Attended a State Department, Boise State Writing Project, or Northwest Inland Writing Project Common Core workshop.
  2. Attended a Boise State Writing Project or Northwest Inland Writing Project class or in- service on the Common Core.
  3. Spent time thoroughly reading the Common Core Anchor Standards, grade level standards, and Appendices on the CCSS website and reviewing the NEW CCSS Training Modules #1 - #3 at http://www.sde.idaho.gov/site/common/ELAcore/proDev.htm.

Remaining workshops will be held in the following locations:

Idaho Falls – March 11
Lewiston – March 26

Learn more and register for a workshop here.