8-in-6 Program Webinar Training

Jennifer Caprile, Regional Coordinator-GEAR UP/Advanced Opportunities

The 8-in-6 program (House Bill 426) was approved by the Idaho Legislature in 2012 to help Idaho students work ahead in earlier grades so they could take advantage of dual credit opportunities provided by the Dual Credit for Early Completers in high school. Through this program, students can complete up to 8 years of schoolwork (2 years of middle school, 4 years of high school, and 2 years of postsecondary or trade school) in just 6 years by taking overload and summer courses – paid for by the state.

On December 17 from 10:00-11:00 am/MT, staff from the Idaho State Department of Education will be conducting a webinar about how the 8-in-6 program works, including criteria for student participation and requirements of administrative oversight. The purpose of this training is to support counselors and school and district administrators as they help students participate in the 8-in-6 program. In this webinar, we also will review examples of student course mapping, deadlines for course reimbursement and discuss some frequently asked questions we have received from the field.

Participation is limited to 100 participants. To register, please click here. The webinar will be archived for later access if you cannot make it on this date.

For additional information about the 8-in-6 webinar training, contact Jennifer Caprile at jcaprile@sde.idaho.gov or 208-332-6944. More information about the 8-in-6 program or other Advanced Opportunities can be found by clicking here.