2012 MTI Webinars - Summary & Reflection

The 2012 MTI webinars are designed to support school personnel in implementing the concepts and instructional strategies from the Mathematical Thinking for Instruction (MTI) course. In addition, the webinars focus on building familiarity and understanding of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) by examining strategies, models and contexts that support their implementation.

After participation with each webinar and implementation of strategies in the classroom, please complete the brief webinar summary and reflection below. Summaries/reflections will be collected and stored to document participation at time of registration for the professional education credit.

Upon completion of the 15 hours, a participant will need to contact Christine Avila, cavila@sde.idaho.gov, and request a registration link to BSU, for the one professional education credit.

General Information:
Date Completed:
First Name:
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Webinar Summary:

Please provide a brief 5 to 6 sentence summary of the webinar attended.

Webinar Reflection:

Please provide a brief 5 to 6 sentence reflection on how you used content or strategies from the webinar in the classroom. What was the outcome? What changes would you make for the future? If you have not had the opportunity to use the content or strategies within your classroom, how might you do so in the future?

If you have attended multiple webinars, a separate summary and reflection must be completed for each webinar attended. Upon completion and submission of this form, please return to the Summary & Reflection page and resubmit for each webinar attended.