AP Exam Student Cost Assurance Form

Due to a late announcement that the federal government would fund the AP Test Fee Reduction Grant, students who qualified for those fundsmay have registered before the announcement. Every local district handled this situation differently. No eligible student this year should pay more than $12 per exam—no limit to the number of exams taken. Each school that collected money from students now must refund students directly for costs over the $12 per exam not covered in the grant. Please complete this electronic form and submit by Friday, May 29.

Districts must also complete the regular AP Exam Invoice on the College Board site and send it to Peggy Wenner. The invoice can be e-mailed pjwenner@sde.idaho.gov or faxed (208-334-2228)

Both forms must be received by 5:00 Friday, May 29.

Note: Failure to complete this form may cause your school to lose the opportunity to receive this grant for 2015. This information is crucial to writing the grant, as this year’s grant is based on actual costs, not an estimate of exams taken.

Assurance Form
School Name:
District Name:
District Number:

We collected ($) from students eligible for reduced AP exams—per exam

Other Other amount fill in:
Local funds collected per eligible student (if any):

Our school has refunded all student collected funds, except for the $10 per exam cost not covered by the AP Test Fee Reduction Grant.


We will refund all student collected money (beyond $10 per exam) before the end of the school year.

Name of AP Test Coordinator:
E-mail of AP Test Coordinator:
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