GEAR UP Parents

What is GEAR UP?

GEAR UP Idaho focuses on early intervention strategies to assist your student in becoming prepared for post-secondary education.

GEAR UP will help your student meet standards necessary for high school graduation and provide them with the skills necessary to succeed beyond high school.

GEAR UP students will create a six year learning plan and take common college and work-preparatory classes. Course work will include additional and/or more rigorous math, English, and science courses.

GEAR UP will advise you and your student of advanced learning opportunities available in Idaho, Financial Aid resources, and college access issues that will prepare your entire family for the transition to college.

GEAR UP will provide an opportunity for your student to demonstrate the ability to succeed in college and the option to gain college credits while in high school.

MORTIMER ADLER:"The purpose of learning is growth, and our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing as we continue to live."

Why College?

College graduates experience higher income, have more leisure time, better health and life expectancy, better outcomes for their children, and improved quality of life in general.

  • They are more likely to have jobs that provide health insurance and retirement benefits. As a result, they have better access to preventative health care, leading to longer and healthier lives.
  • The incarceration rate for adults with at least some post-secondary education is about a quarter of that for individuals with only high school diploma.
  • Higher concentrations of college graduates have a positive impact on the rate of growth of the economy, which is good for all of us!

There are so many reasons why a college education will benefit your child and your family. Check out these facts and more at: