This event is a ‘bring your own device’ conference, and we look forward to seeing you at one of the event locations!

Welcome To The 2013 Idaho Instructional Innovation Conference

Idaho Instructional Innovation is a two-day conference hosted by the Idaho State Department of Education, made possible in part with funding from the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation. The goal of Idaho Instructional Innovation is to bring Idaho educators together so they can collaborate on innovative ways to increase student achievement through 21st Century, technology-rich, and data-driven instructional practices. The Idaho Instructional Innovation Conference focuses on Idaho educators fostering innovation, education and collaboration in the future.

Throughout the conference, educators will learn strategies they can utilize in Schoolnet, a statewide instructional management system, to assist in improving data-driven instruction in their schools and classrooms. This year, the conference concentrates on Idaho teachers and administrators sharing their best practices from the field with each other. Day one will focus on the tools available in Schoolnet, while the second day focuses on multiple, innovative strategies teachers and administrators can use to reach student achievement goals.

On the first day, participants will learn the tools available within Schoolnet that they can use to plan, execute and assess educational efforts. Idaho teachers will learn to create a lesson plan based on the new Idaho Core Standards and how they can easily integrate engaging digital content from Discovery Education into every lesson. They will then will learn how to build an assessment based on this lesson plan and administer it in their classroom in different ways. District teams will be able to create working materials that they can take back to their schools and districts and use in the upcoming school year.

On the second day, participants will learn directly from other Idaho teachers and administrators about innovative strategies and best practices they have been using in their schools and classroom to engage students and raise academic achievement. Educators will have the opportunity to choose from multiple breakout sessions, from sessions on iPads and clickers to the Idaho Core Standards and using Social Networking in the classroom. Each session will be tailored specifically to the interests, expertise, and relevance of teachers and administrators right here in Idaho.

The second annual Idaho Instructional Innovation is all about Idaho educators helping each other to foster innovation and improve education. We hope you will join us at one of our three Idaho Idaho Instructional Innovations!