Integrated Professional Development Modules

Leadership Over the past several months, the Instructional Technology staff at the Idaho State Department of Education (SDE) have been looking for an opportunity to provide professional development opportunities to instructional staff across the state. Through a collaborative effort of SDE staff, ISEE Navigators, district leaders and Discovery Education we have developed the Integrated Professional Development Modules which are available for use by all Idaho school districts.

The SDE has worked closely with Discovery Education to develop these training modules for administrators that encompass and integrate the Idaho Core, Next Generation Assessments, and Digital Content, all supported by Data Driven Instructional Practices and the educational ties between them all. For more detailed information on the Integrated Professional Development Modules please contact Alex Macdonald at Also, please take the time to access the Idaho Integrated Professional Development webinar which was led by Toni Robinson of Discovery Education on June 11th, along with PDF's detailing each of the modules.

For more information about Integrated PD Module credit options, please contact Nancy Thomas Price at