Family Math Night

Family Math Night Kit

In partnership with the Micron Technology Foundation, the Idaho State Department of Education, through funding from the Idaho Math Initiative, assembled over 100 Math Fun d'Mentals kits for Idaho's school districts to use when hosting a Family Math Night. The Math Fun d'Mentals kit helps students develop their mathematical understanding through active engagement in fun activities. These activities encourage students to build on what they already know, and to verbally express how they know it. The kit also helps to actively engage parents in their children's education. For your convenience when planning your Family Math Night, please see the step-by-step tutorial provided by Micron Technology Foundation below.

Math Fun d'Mentals

The Department of Education's final assembly of the math kits was in the spring of 2010. The kits are available to your school by simply contacting a math kit contact representative and scheduling a check out date and time for a Family Math Night. In addition to district kits, we have kits available for check out through our Regional Math Specialists. If you are interested in reserving a kit for your school's Family Math Night, please refer to the contact list below.

Family Night Math Kit Contact List

Upon completion of your Family Math Night, click on the button below and follow the directions for the Family Math Night questionnaire. Your valuable feedback will be used to provide further support through the Idaho Math Initiative.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact Nichole Hall at

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