Family Math Night Kit Questionnaire

In order to gather feedback on the usefulness and success of the Family Math Night Kit districts received from the Idaho State Department of Education (SDE), we ask that educators take some time after hosting a Family Math Night and fill out the family math kit questionnaire. Be sure to go through your kit thoroughly after each Family Math Night to identify any missing materials/supplies. Extra materials purchased with the funding for the Family Math Kits are available but limited to remaining stock on hand; let us know what you are missing on the questionnaire, in that way, needed materials can be replace if available. Due to current budget constraints, replacement materials will be distributed in the most cost effective way possible; materials may be delivered through a member of the SDE or your district, through regional superintendents' meetings or coinciding with other necessary means of travel or training between the SDE and your district.

Thank you for your efforts in increasing mathematical growth and learning in your school district, through the use of a Family Math Night kit. We hope to hear from you soon and that you may have many, successful Family Math Nights in the future.