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Science 2011 Snapshot Report for Idaho  [ Grade 8 ]
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The National Assessment Governing Board updated the science assessment in 2009 to keep the content current with key developments in science, curriculum standards, assessments, and research. The new framework organizes science content into three broad content areas (or strands): 

  • Physical science includes concepts related to properties and changes of matter, forms of energy, energy transfer and conservation, position and motion of objects, and forces affecting motion.

  • Life science includes concepts related to organization and development, matter and energy transformations, interdependence, heredity and reproduction, and evolution and diversity. 

  • Earth and space sciences include concepts related to objects in the universe, the history of the Earth, properties of Earth materials, tectonics, energy in Earth systems, climate and weather, and biogeochemical cycles.


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NAEP 2011 Idaho vs. National Science Strand Results - Female and Male Students [ Grade 8 ]
NAEP 2011 Science Cross-State Comparisons - Mean Scale Score  [ Grade 8 ]

Noteworthy from NAEP 2011 Science

In 2011, NAEP assessed reading (grades 4 and 8), mathematics (grades 4 and 8), and science (grade 8). It is inappropriate to compare the scale scores across reading, mathematics and science, but transforming scale score results to percentile ranks does permit such comparisons, but with caution.

  • For NAEP 2011, Idaho 4th graders had a percentile rank of 52 in mathematics and 51 in reading.

  • For NAEP 2011, Idaho 8th graders had a percentile rank of 59 for science, 56 for mathematics, and 52 for reading.

  • Idaho's best performance for NAEP 2011 -- relative to national public school results -- was in 8th grade science.

Note:  Idaho's 8th grade percentile rank of 59 in science means that Idaho's average student (i.e., the science average score for Idaho's 8th graders) was  higher than 59 percent of 8th grade students in the nation's public schools.

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