NAEP 2009 in Idaho

The NAEP Sample

Map of Idaho districts with schools in NAEP 2009 sampleThe NAEP 2009 sample of Idaho public schools included 164 schools with 4th grade students, 112 schools with 8th grade students, and 98 schools with 12th grade students (including 9 alternative high schools). Fifteen (15) schools in the Idaho sample were public charter schools. The NAEP 2009 test window was January 26 through March 6, 2009. 

The Idaho sample included about 9,600 students at each grade level, 3,200 each tested for reading, mathematics, and science. In the fall, 4th, 8th, and 12th grade students in the NAEP 2009 schools were selected on a random basis. The number of students selected from a school depended on the size of the school and the grade level of the students. For NAEP 2009, the actual number of students selected from an Idaho school was 1 to 120 4th-graders, 1 to 270 8th-graders, or 1 to 320 12th-graders.

NAEP contracted with Westat Inc. to select schools and students for the 2009 sample. No Idaho officials or educators participated in the selection process. To standardize the experience for all students across Idaho and the nation, NAEP contracted with Westat to send a trained assessment team to the school on the scheduled date to administer the test.

Grade 12 State NAEP Pilot

The 2009 assessment was the first ever that NAEP reported state-level results in reading and mathematics. Eleven (11) states, including Idaho, participated in the pilot project.

NAEP 2009 Special Studies

HSTS 2009. Six Idaho high schools in the NAEP 2009 sample also participated in the High School Transcript Study (HSTS 2009). Click here for a brochure that describes the study. The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) has not yet published the findings from HSTS 2009.

NIES 2009.   American Indian students in grades 4 and 8 in the NAEP sample also participated in the National Indian Education Study (NIES 2009).  They completed a short survey about their cultural and educational experience. Their teachers and principals also completed a survey about the environment of classrooms and schools where these students attend.  Click here for a brochure that describes the study. Click here for the NCES press release with study highlights. Full findings from the NIES 2009 two-part study are available on the NCES website:  Part 1 Academic Performance (NCES 2010-462), and Part 2 Educational Experience (NCES 2010-463).