NAEP 2010 in Idaho

Idaho Map

The NAEP 2010 sample of Idaho public schools included 8th grade students from five schools, and12th grade students from 12 schools. All of the schools were selected from the NAEP Primary Sampling Unit in the southwest corner of the state (the whole state was "covered" by one primary sampling unit or another). One school in the Idaho sample was a public charter school.

The NAEP 2010 testing window was January 25 through March 10, 2010. Each school had a scheduled testing day within the window. About 30 students in each school took part in the computer-based writing assessment (which was a pilot for the NAEP 2011 writing assessment).

NAEP contracted with Westat Inc. to select schools and students for the 2010 assessment. Idaho educators did NOT participate in the selection process. To standardize the experience for all students across Idaho and the nation, NAEP also contracted with Westat to send a trained assessment team to the schools on their scheduled days to administer the test.

No results were published for the writing computer-based assessment pilot.  The operational writing computer-based assessment is scheduled for grades 8 and 12 in the NAEP 2011 assessment.  Results will be reported only for the nation, not for individual states.