NAEP 2012 in Idaho

Idaho's NAEP 2012 Sample: None/Zero Students

No Idaho public school students were selected for testing in the National Assessment of Educational Progress assessments or pilots (listed below) that will be conducted during the winter of the 2011-2012 school year.

While no Idaho public school students will be assessed in NAEP 2012, administrators from 13 public charter schools have been selected to take part in a pilot of the Charter School Questionnaire that will be used during NAEP 2013. The questionnaire will collect information about charter school policies and characteristics, as well as important differences between charter schools and other public schools.

Westat Inc, a NAEP contractor with headquarters in Rockville, Maryland, selected (i.e., sampled) schools from across the nation on a random basis for the NAEP 2012 national assessments and pilots. As always, no Idaho educators participated in the selection process.

NAEP 2012 Assessments and Pilots

Recent NAEP Results: Long-Term Trend and Economics

Because NAEP 2012 assessments will be conducted at the national level only, there will be no state level results reported. National results for the 2012 Long-Term Trend and Economics assessments will be available in 2013. Here are the most recent results for these national assessments.

  • To view national results from the 2008 Long-Term Trend Assessment of Reading and Mathematics for students 9, 13 and 17 years of age, in which Idaho students participated, click here.
  • To view results from the first ever National Economics Assessment for grade 12 students in 2006, click here.