Office of Indian Education

Idaho Indian Education Summit

2016 Idaho Indian Education Summitt

The focus of the summit is to help educators identify and understand culturally responsive pedagogies and Indigenous knowledge in the classroom to promote equity in education.

June 13 & 14, 2016
Red Lion Downtowner, Boise, ID

Vision: To advance an innovative and flexible comprehensive state education system for Idaho’s American Indian student population from kindergarten through post-secondary education that focuses on results, inspires all students, and prepares them to be successful in meeting today's challenges and tomorrow's opportunities.

Mission: The Idaho State Department Office of Indian Education works in collaboration with Idaho’s tribes and educational stakeholders to create the conditions for equitable access and academic success for American Indian students. Maintaining and sustaining the unique status of American Indians, preserving cultural identity, and raising cultural awareness are the foundations of our work.


  • Increase transparency and understanding among the State Department of Education (SDE), Local Education Agencies (LEA), and Tribal Education Agencies (TEA) of local, state, and federal policies, procedures, and financial regulations for American Indian education in an effort to maximize resources.
  • Focus on efforts to assist in removing barriers for the access and success of education for the American Indian population within the state of Idaho.
  • Expand the exposure of research-based best practices in teacher preparation and professional development that support American Indian students and thereby fostering the success of all students.
  • Continue activities that strengthen the reciprocal relationships and advance the dialogue among the offices of the SDE, American Indian Tribes, State Board of Education, and colleges and universities.
  • Provide timely and relevant information on American Indian education through technical assistance, guidance, and support to Idaho's educators, schools, districts, students, parents, business leaders, and the community, with a focus on continuous improvement.

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