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The State Department of Education has developed this Next Practices site as a place where Idaho's educators can share their innovative ideas and practices with each other. Right now, we know a lot of innovation is happening every day. Teachers are using new strategies and tools in the classroom to engage students and help raise academic achievement for all kids. We have traveled to several schools across the state to capture some of these "next practices" to share with other schools and districts in Idaho. Thanks to those schools, teachers, students, and administrators who have been willing to share their stories! We hope to reach more schools and continue to update this page in the near future.

Summer Institute

"Meet the LABbies"

These students make the school library at Centennial High School in the Meridian School District a place kids want to be!

Centennial High School Librarian Gena Marker shares about the LABbies program she began and now oversees.

The LABbies meet to plan for Teen Read Week.

LABbies president Kirby Carlson shares about her LABbies experience.

LABbies member Kaitlynn Schostrum shares about her LABbies experience.

Andrew Johnson, sophomore at Centennial, shares about his experience as a member of the LABbies.

No More Stigmas in Highland

Paraprofessionals at the Highland School District in Craigmont have used technology to make learning more fun and engaging for students who are struggling.

Paraprofessional Connie Pentzer talks about her experience integrating technology into instruction.

Cindy Orr talks about her district's approach to technology.

Paraprofessional Connie Pentzer demonstrates how she uses technology in the classroom.

How to Get a Jumpstart on College

Justin Hoffman took advantage of the Dual Credit for Early Completers Program to enter University of Idaho as a junior right after high school.

Social Networking Keeps Students Engaged

Dennis Barton, high school English teacher in Melba, shares how he uses EdModo to engage his students and prepare them for class.

Watch as a Melba Elementary teacher uses EdModo to assign homework and communicate with his class.

Blended Learning Helps the Students... and the Teacher!

Watch as B.J. Price, high school biology teacher at Twin Falls High School, shares his success with blended learning and take a look at his class in action.

Cathy Adams, a teacher at I.B. Perrine Elementary School in Twin Falls, talks about how she came to know more about and embrace blended learning.

Two Melba teachers, Katie Bush-Wilson and Kevin Capps, show how they integrate technology into mathematics at the high school and elementary grades.

Vonnie Herman, a middle and high school teacher in Melba, talks about her enthusiasm for iPads and how she has integrated them into her instruction.

School Leaders Embrace Technology

Vice Principal Shaun Walker shares Twin Falls High School?s experience over the last three years with blended learning.

Shaun Walker, vice principal at Twin Falls High School, shares his advice for how to get started with blended learning in your district.

Andy Grover, Melba District Superintendent, shares why his districts has made instructional technology a priority.

Melba Jr/Sr. High School Principal Todd Shumway talks about technology integration in his school.

The Geometry Rap

Ms. Duckwall's 2nd grade class at Mountain Valley Elementary in the Bonneville School District produced, directed, wrote, and edited this fun math song!

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