Idaho's 21st Century Technology Innovation Best Practices Recognition Awards

Idaho's 21st Century Technology Innovation Best Practices Recognition Awards kicked off on February 6, 2013, with Digital Learning Day. Congratulations to our first round of winners! See their fantastic work below and be inspired to share your innovative technology integration practices with your colleagues across the state!


Awards will be available throughout the remainder of the 2012-2013, until funds are expended, so there's no time like the present to get started submitting your entries. Click here to find a full list of award categories and directions for submitting entries. (Navigate among the awards by selecting them from the column on the left of the page.)

The following numbers of awards are available in each category:

  • 20 Video Awards - $1,000
  • 30 Unit Plan Awards - $1,200
  • 30 Lesson Plan Awards - $300
  • 30 SDE Virtual Art Gallery and Lesson Plan Awards - $350

Note: These numbers may be adjusted based upon the number of entries received. Awards began on Digital Learning Day and will continue until funds are expended. Each entrant may receive multiple awards but is eligible for only ONE award from each catgegory including; video, lesson and unit plan.

Winners in each video award category receive the following:

1. First Place
   (1 Video)
2. Second Place
   (Up to 19 videos )
3. Honorable Mention
  • Personalized Podcast–Tom and First Lady
  • Video posted online on SDE website
  • Plaque
  • Framed Certificate
  • $1,000 Classroom Materials Award and IEN Field Trip
  • Video posted online on SDE website
  • School Classroom Celebrations/Treats
  • Plaque
  • Certificate
  • $1,000 Classroom Materials Award
  • Plaque
  • Certificate
  • IEN Field Trip

21st Century Classroom Technology and Innovation

Below are the first round award-winning videos, announced on Digital Learning Day.

First Place Video (1 Video)

Elementary Geometry Rap
Mrs. Jennifer Duckwall
Mountain Valley Elementary
Bonneville Joint School District #93

About This Video:

These video projects are closely aligned to the 2nd -5th grade CCSS and are enriched with mathematics vocabulary. These videos were produced, directed, written, and edited by students.

My STAR test mastery proved how very valuable the right type of digital instruction is in driving student achievement. In my 2nd grade classroom, after implementing digital technology such as this, my average math score was of a 5th-6th grade competency, and 96% of the class scored above the 75th percentile in the nation.

The movie was created using a Canon video camera, (older) Macintosh laptop, and the iMovie program.

See Mrs. Duckwall's other submission: Place Value Rap

Second Place Video Awards (11 Videos so far)
Mr. Judy's Guide to Flipping Your Classroom
Mr. Jarom Judy
Mountain Valley Elementary
Bonneville Joint School District #93
About This Video: About This Video: Check out my YouTube Channel and my Class Website.
Dreams Do Come True: A Special Needs Teacher's Vision
Annette Lutes
Black Canyon High School
Emmett School District #221
About This Video: About This Video: Our video topic is focused on technology—specifically iPads as communication devices and learning tools for students with limited or no verbal skills. It shows the impact that access has on their learning. We also mention the use of the SMART board and other new equipment used in independent living and vocational classes. We tell how the students themselves helped to raise funds to get the technology needed.
Technology Integration
Holly Harrison
Kershaw Intermediate
Sugar-Salem School District #322
Stephanie Van Orsow
Idaho Arts Charter School – Elementary
Nampa District #131
About This Video: Technology used: Kidblog, an online journal; iPad for recording; laptops and computer lab for blogging; SMART board for presentation.
The Sketchbook Express Portraits
Valerie Mantle and Rachel Rojas
Idaho Arts Charter School - Elementary
Nampa District #131
About This Video: Students used the Sketchbook Express application on Apple iPads to draw a face. The objective of the lesson was to learn to use the iPad, as well as to identify, customize, and use the tools in Sketchbook Express—the brush tool, the color wheel functions, the shape, line and text tool, the symmetry tools, and the layer function.
The Mitten Research Project
Jaime Durst, Molly Cochell,
Laura Fullmer, Paige MacDonald
Christine Donnell School of the Arts
Meridian Joint School District #2
About This Video: Kindergarteners research animals, paint life-size representations, and act in a documentary to teach all the kindergarteners about all the animals. Fifth grade students direct, film, and edit videos for the kindergarten students.
Prezi with the Idaho Forest
Karie Yost
Idaho Arts Charter School - Elementary
Nampa District #131
About This Video: Students were learning about Idaho's Forests. They were split into small groups to research the question: Who lives in the Idaho Forest? Specific topics included: Trees of the Idaho Forest, Dangers to the Forest, Photosynthesis, Life Cycle of a Tree, Jobs of the Forest, Major Forests in Idaho, Parts of a Tree Cookie, What Do We Get from Trees?, and Why Do Leaves Change Colors? For their final research presentation, students used laptops to create a Prezi (an online presentation tool). They then practiced using the SMART board and our new wireless keyboard. They presented to parents in our cafeteria on the "big screen!"
Digital Learning Episode 1: Introduction
Melissa Slocum
Discovery Elementary
Meridian Joint School District #2
Digital Learning Episode 2: Drop Box, Animoto, BYOD
About This Video: At our school, we use a variety of digital tools for learning. We are working hard to make our school a 21st Century digital learning environment. The many tools we use include: iPads, iPod Touches, interactive whiteboards, netbooks and computers, an interactive table, and online tools to keep things digital.

The lesson we are showcasing in this video is presented by our school technology team. We are creating professional development for our school to promote digital learning and tools. We have created several short episodes leading up to Digital Learning Day that include tips and tools for promoting digital learning and tools in the classroom. This video showcases our technology at work, talks about what digital learning is, school wide digital celebration and provides one tip on how to create a paper slide video with many more tips to come each day as we publish a new episode daily!
Technology Integration
LeAnn Castor
Vision Charter School - Elementary
About This Video: Practices highlighted: Interactive Learning with SMART Board, Frequently Used Websites, Discovery Education, PowerPoint presentations, Webquests, News Reports, Digital Storybooks, Movies with Movie Maker.
Beyond the 80's 21st Century Columnists
Brian Fischer
Eagle Hills Elementary
Meridian School Joint School District #2
About This Video: Students write articles at home and then submit them through the class website. The next day at school we meet and edit their articles together. I use the exercise to provide an authentic writing opportunity, and I also use it to inform parents of what we are doing in class. I also combine this with my weekly newsletter. The other aspect of our video is video production. We make videos in our classroom and also make video news reports that we send home to parents.
Rock Our World Smiles
Marita Diffenbaugh
Star Elementary School
Joint Meridian School District #2
Click Here for Video
About This Video: Our fifth grade class at Star Elementary had the opportunity to be part of Rock Our World for the Fall 2012! Rock Our World is an international collaboration that connects students and teachers together through music composition, moviemaking, picture taking, and participation in live video chats. We learned how to use Garageband and iMovie and how to green screen video. We met with classrooms from all over the world. Some of these new friends became reading partners with us in a Global Book Read. Rock Our World 17 had a theme of Smiles in 100 Languages. We were able to visit with so many wonderful people! This was something that made us smile each week! We are looking forward to continued collaboration with our new friends. The video that we are sharing is the same one that we used to celebrate with our colleagues from Rock Our World during Family Night. We used our green screen techniques! We added a dance that we shared with our friends around the world in the background and our reflections of what made us smile.
Skills USA
Dr. William Jones
Lewiston High School
Lewiston Independent School District #1
About This Video: We have several projects we complete as a Skills USA Leadership Chapter. In completing them students develop many skills, learn the joy of community service and use a large variety of tools. Technology is used as a tool in the Machining processes, Computer Aided Design, and CNC Plasma Cutting which was used to cut out the images of the State of Idaho on our Chapter Display, the Chassis on the Solar Cart, and we study sustainable energy as it applies to Solar Energy on the Solar Cart Project.
Honorable Mention Video Awards (6 Total)
Entrepreneurship Project
Brenda Paxton
Idaho Arts Charter School - High School

Entrepreneurship Student
Santiago Commercial
Cameron Nakishima
About This Video: The entrepreneurship project is designed to allow students to use the information we have covered in class. The students design a business that they are interested in. They submit a short essay describing their reasons for wanting to go into business for themselves and their strengths. They design a business strategy and design a market strategy. Part of that design is to research their competition and create an advertisement for their own product. After they have designed everything, they "pitch" their product to the entire class, who are "investment bankers."
Stop Action Video Lesson
Steve Ostrom
Post Falls Middle School
Post Falls School District #273
About This Video: Example of the different stop action videos our class creates during the year.
Dance Meet iPad
Kelli Brown
Idaho Arts Charter School
About This Video: We hold a class discussion on how Shape is a component of dance (BEST: Body, Energy, Shape, Time) and students explore shape creation through improvisation. The teacher sends Dance Writer interpretation of student's name through personal device. Students create connections from one shape to the next, add together movement with another student, show combined choreographic study to class for discussion, and perform.
Using iMovie to Retell (Act) a Novel Called Rules
Jennifer Capell
Idaho Arts Charter
StoryKit on the iPads
Kendal Fleshman
Idaho Arts Charter School
About This Video: Technology isn't just for adults or high school children. You will find in this innovative lesson young 1st and 2nd grade students who sequentially create their school days on iPads. StoryKit is an app that allows students to practice writing complete sentences, self-correct through the talk and type feature, then record their voice using the speaker feature. Not only are students editing their work, but they are able to use the camera feature to capture a still moment of their precious young educational life and embed that picture onto a StoryKit page. Teachers have the luxury of emailing parents as well as themselves students' final products through the share feature. Technology has never been at it finest to preserve a student-created story with audio better than through this iPad app of StoryKit.