FY15 Safe & Drug Free Schools Funding Application

During the 2014 legislative session, funding was allocated through House Bill 640 for districts to implement substance abuse prevention measures and school safety improvements. The funding formula calls for a base amount of $2,000 for every district and public charter school plus a prorated amount for FY14 Average Daily Attendance (approximately $6.50 per student). To receive funding, districts must have a safety plan for each school documenting prevention and response plans and an annual meeting with first responders to improve emergency exercises and operations.

General Information:
Public Charter School /
District Name & Number :
School Safety Lead Name / Title:
FY15 Funding Formula:

[2013-2014 ADA estimate] x $6.50 + $2,000 = FY15 Allocation estimate

Does the public charter school / district have a school safety committee in place? YES NO

If YES, please list members and sector representation below.
(law enforcement, councelor, administrator, parents, etc.)

If NO, describe plan to establish committee in narrative box.

Date of last safety plan update:

Describe the objective data reviewed that informed this budget proposal. Data examples include: threat assessments, student surveys, discipline policy violations, juvenile arrest information, emergency operation plan reviews etc.

Proposed Budget Categories: Staff (including title, FTE and cost), supplies, equipment, training/professional development, travel, contracts, other (description required) ex.: SRO / .5FTE / $30,000. Allowable expenditures include activities and items directly related to substance abuse prevention or school safety improvements such as:

  • Student programs (Idaho Drug Free Youth, Natural Helpers, Student Assistance Programs, Toward No Drugs, Teens Against Tobacco Use, Kindness Campaigns, Sources of Strength, etc.)
  • Personnel focused on school safety (truancy officers, school resource officers, prevention specialists, counselors, etc.)
  • Training focused on school safety (School-Wide Positive Behavior Intervention Supports, School Climate Improvement, Crisis Intervention, Emergency Operations, Idaho Prevention and Support Conference, etc.)
  • Supplies / equipment related to school safety (emergency communication devices, access control measures, surveillance tools, monitoring software, etc.)
TOTAL (Please total and enter in the box provided.)

By checking this box, the applicant acknowledges that they are authorized by the school district or public charter to apply for this funding opportunity.

Authorized Applicant:
Name of Representative:

The deadline to complete this form is October 17, 2014. Before submitting, please print a copy of this application for your records. Applications will be reviewed and awarded on a continuous basis and will be paid after the verification of the FY14 ADA (available in mid-July, 2014). Questions regarding this funding opportunity should be directed to Matt McCarter at mamccarter@sde.idaho.gov or 208-332-6961.

Thank you for your dedication to school safety.