Idaho Science And Aerospace Scholars

Eastern Idaho Capstone for Idaho Science and Aerospace Scholars


Center for Advanced Energy Studies


Monday, June 8, 2015


This will be an all-day event.

  • Explore size, distance and trajectories in space, including potential missions in the future with graduate students from the Center for Space Nuclear Research
  • Learn about the fundamentals of nuclear processes (including fission and radioactive decay) and application to power sources and propulsion in space.
  • Explore rocketry and performance and participate in a rocket launch.
  • Do hands-on physics with Professor Steve Shropshire from Idaho State University.
  • Tour Idaho National Laboratory's robotics labs and meet with scientists and programmers working on autonomous robots.
  • Experience the CAVE, an immersive visualization environment used for modeling and simulation.
  • Be honored at a VIP luncheon
  • Receive your Idaho Science and Aerospace Scholars Certificate


995 University Blvd.
Idaho Falls, ID 83415


INL's map to CAES. It's labeled "A" on the map.

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Capstone Goals:
  • Provide ISAS students with a deeper appreciation of Idaho STEM opportunities in higher education, industry, and government;
  • Connect ISAS students to programs and professionals to help students continue their exploration of STEM careers;
  • Provide a forum for ISAS students to meet face to face and to celebrate student learning gained from the online STEM course.