Superintendents Network Support

Being a School Superintendent is a complex and challenging job. Superintendents are responsible for leading their entire systems. They respond to and interact with elected Trustees. And they serve as intermediaries who are integral in translating local, state, and national policy into practice. As such, the work School Superintendents do is a crucial component of ensuring high academic outcomes for all students, not an easy feat.

The Idaho Superintendents Network is a project developed by the State Department of Education in partnership with Boise State University's Center for School Improvement and Policy Studies to support the work of district leaders in improving outcomes for all students by focusing on the quality of instruction.

The network is comprised of committed superintendents who work together to develop a cohesive and dedicated leadership community focused on teaching and learning. They support each other as they bring about change and collectively brainstorm obstacles that may prevent improvement in the quality of the instruction in their districts. The Department acts as a resource and provides the necessary research, experts, and planning to bring superintendents from across the state together to discuss self-identified issues.

Topics for discussion include:

  • Improved Outcomes for Students
  • Developing a Sense of Purpose
  • Working with Stakeholders
  • District Central Offices and Learning Improvements: Great Urgency, Few Guides
  • Creating and Supporting District and Building Level Leaders
  • Analyzing Teaching and Learning through Data

The Department's goal in offering this opportunity is not to drive the conversation of continuous improvement, but rather to be a part of meeting the individual needs and challenges of each district superintendent in the network. If you are interested in applying to participate in the Network, please take the time to review our application.

In addition to providing this collaborative community, the Department has also compiled a series of resources that uniquely fit the role of a School Superintendent. Whether you are part of the Network or not, if you are interested in the key actions and beliefs of superintendents who are successful at leading district-wide improvement, please feel free to explore our Superintendent's Resource Guide.