Welcome to the Idaho State Department of Education's Student Page! We are determined to create a customer-driven education system that meets the needs of EVERY student in Idaho and prepares our students to live, work, and succeed in the 21st Century. We hope this information will be useful for students across the state!

How Can You Get a Jumpstart on College?

Idaho now provides several ways for students to get a jumpstart on their education after high school – while still in high school. Through the Dual Credit for Early Completers Program, students can take dual credit (college credits) during their junior and senior years – and the state picks up the tab. The 8-in-6 Program was created to help students get ahead on their coursework in middle school so they can take advantage of dual credits later in high school. The state also provides ways for students to prepare for life after high school by taking the PSAT in their sophomore year or the SAT in their junior year.

How Can You Earn Money to Go To College?

The state offers several scholarship opportunities for Idaho students to assist them in paying for their education after high school. Learn more about Idaho’s scholarship opportunities!

How Can You Recognize Your Teachers?

Throughout your academic career, we know you have had some excellent teachers. Idaho offers a number of ways you can recognize and reward your great teachers. First and foremost, speak to your school principal. Your school district probably has a recognition program in place to help recognize teachers at the local level. At the state level, check out our Teacher of the Year Program and learn how you can help nominate a teacher at the local level to become a Teacher of the Year. You can also nominate teachers who have a strong focus in science or technology for the GIANTS Award.

How Can You Learn More about Driver Education?

Contact our Driver Education program to learn more about Driver Education and what you need to become a safe driver.

What Real-World Experience Opportunities Are Available for High School Students?

Great question! The state and other organizations offer many opportunities for Idaho students to gain real-world experience while in high school. Here are just a few examples: