Professional Practice

Last updated July 2013

The term professional practice refers to behaviors inherent in an educator's profession that can be observed or reviewed. Some examples of professional practice that can be used are:

  • classroom observations
  • school walk-throughs
  • Professional Learning Plans
  • collaborative teams focused on improving classroom culture
  • student and parent input
  • artifacts of teaching and learning
  • analysis of learning data and student work
  • participation in professional learning communities
  • other professional responsibilities

Evaluation of professional practice should be both formative and summative.

Professional Learning Plans

Professional Learning Plans are designed to guide the continuing education of teachers and administrators. Learning plans should be dynamic in design while being monitored and adapted to meet the specific needs of each individual educator. A cyclical process similar to the cycle below is recommended.

Professional Practice

Professional Practice Tools For Teachers and Building Administrators/Principals
Parent/Guardian Input To Evaluations

For further guidance in parent/guardian input, these links provide a more information regarding parent input:

Free Student Surveys