Teacher Certification

Educator Certification/Credential

The purpose of the Idaho Teacher Certification website is to help educators and the general public find up-to-date, relevant information pertaining to all facets of educator licensing, and preparation. The Idaho State Department of Education has a strong commitment to high standards for all school personnel. Our mission is to support districts and education professionals in promoting the success of all Idaho students through educational excellence and highly effective instruction.

Notice: Regarding Adding Endorsements to Idaho Certificates. The Idaho State Department of Education no longer conducts transcript evaluations to determine endorsement eligibility.
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Certificate and Endorsement Requirements
  • For specific certificate endorsement area information, please reference the current Idaho Administrative Code under Education, Board of and Department of (08), then Rules Governing Uniformity (08.02.02): Please PDF Icon Click Here.
  • For specific Praxis requirements, please reference the Idaho Test Requirements page on the ETS website: Please Click Here Link.

Notice: Important Revisions to the code of ethics will be posted in the late spring of 2014. Please check back often.

Professional Standards Commission


Word Icon B1 - Application for Initial/Reinstatement/Revision or Interim Idaho Certificate/ Credential
Word Icon B1-R Application for Renewal of an Idaho Certificate/Credential
Word Icon B2 - Institutional Recommendation EC/ECSE, Elementary, Secondary, Exceptional Child or Pupil Personnel Services
Word Icon B2-A Institutional Recommendation for Alternate Route Completers
Word Icon B3 - Institutional Recommendation School Administration - Pre-K-12 School Principal
Word Icon B4 - Institutional Recommendation School Administration - Superintendent
Word Icon B5 - Institutional Recommendation Director of Special Education
Word Icon B6 - Professional Experience Report
Word Icon B7 - Verification of Completion of Equivalent In-Service
Word Icon B8 - Institutional Recommendation Consulting Teacher of Special Education
Word Icon B9 - Institutional Recommendation for Supervisor of Special Education
Word Icon B13 - Verification of College-University Course Content Approval for Recertification
Word Icon B14 - Online Endorsement
Word Icon B15 - Mathematics Consulting Teacher Endorsement

For Alternative Authorization forms please see the packets of information on the following web page: www.sde.idaho.gov/site/teacher_certification/alt_routes.htm

Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) cancels the balance of a borrower’s federal student loan debt after he or she has served full-time in a public service role for 10 years, while making on-time qualifying loan payments each month. Among the new materials is an employment certification form that allows borrowers to keep track of eligible employment and payments. Also, the new materials allow borrowers to find out, today, if their job and loan payments will qualify them for loan forgiveness in the future, as well as how many payments they have left to submit. FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE GO TO http://studentaid.ed.gov/publicservice/.